A Durham, N.C. Pastor Is In Hot Water After Calling Women WHAT??

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Please pray for our Pastors y’all. One of them has stuck his foot in his holy mouth.

Pastor Andy Thompson, the shepherd of the 10,000-member World Overcomers Christian Church in Durham, NC, said something that maybe he shouldn’t had.

Pastor tweeted a derogatory word regarding women. Read more to see what naughty word he used. On April Fool’s Day (how appropriate), Pastor Andy tweeted a name to describe certain women. Any guesses on what he called us?





Did he just call us hoes?? The word “hoe” shouldn’t even come out of a man of God’s mouth anyway. But to refer to ANY female as this foul word is a total sin and a total disrespect to our Savior who created us.A passion-filled blogger by the name of Taurean Brown had a lot to say about the man of god calling ANY woman a hoe. She believed it to be a “derogatory term in reference to women” and said “In no context whatsoever should women ever be referred to as hoes, not even women who are engaged in sex work.” She went on to say that “Pastor Andy needs to humble himself and express his sincerest apology to women.” I agree girl!After receiving major backlash from this tweet, Pastor Thompson decided to address the many comments he’s received over the last week.

“I was in a marriage seminar. I was talking to wives. I was trying to help wives to save their marriage, to be successful in their marriage.”
He continued, “And some may feel like there’s never any context in which it’s okay for a pastor to call women hoes. You’ll have to forgive me. Please forgive me. Our goal and our aim is to help women.”


Pastor and First Lady Thompson….courtesy of Facebook.
I don’t know. Does this apology seem genuine to y’all? The bottom line is this. Everyone will make mistakes in their lifetime. Pastors, Bishops, and ministers are no different. I truly believe Pastor Andy just simply did not think before he tweeted. He had thousands and thousands of people that look up to him, so he had to make SURE to keep that mouth (tweeting) in check.

The message wasn’t necessarily bad, but the delivery was horrible. Women SHOULD keep our appearances up to keep our men interested. But in the words of our friend Taurean Brown, no woman should EVER be referred to as a hoe. 

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