You go girl! Gospel singer Damita Haddon announced today that she is officially engaged to cutie-patootie photographer to the stars Reuben Chandler. 

You all may know the "No Looking Back" singer as the ex wife of "Preachers of LA" star Minister Deitrick Haddon. The two ended their marriage after infidelity on both sides. 

Dietrick also shared some huge news as well today. He and new wifey, Dominique, welcomed a second daughter. I wonder did Damita choose this day to take some of the shine away from her philandering ex hubby. If she did, I can't be too mad at her.

Oh yea, I know you guys are wondering what the new man in Damita's life looks like? Did she upgrade or downgrade in the looks department? I'll let y'all be the judge of that. 

Okay, okay Miss Damita. I aint mad at you upgrading. But how old is this dude? He looks like he "may be" old enough to drink. This is what the happy bride-to-be posted on twitter earlier.
Congratulations Demetria and Reuben! Damita girl? You done good. 

Check out this new clip of Damita doing her thing with the amazing Clark Sisters.
Did y'all enjoy that? I sure did! This is a more somber Damita. Check out this clip from the Kiya Amajioyi show where the  divorced singer talks about making it through the bad times. Its a testimony!
Pureeeeeach Damita! I have so much respect for you and the classy way you have remained during all that mess. You deserve all of the happiness in the world.


01/31/2014 5:50am

Damita you are a beautiful shinning star! You are a precious "Queen" and you deserve the best.


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