Tracy, California Beauty Names Her Murderers Seconds Before She Dies Of Multiple Stab Wounds.


This seems like a straight up Lifetime movie for real. Nineteen year old Lizette Cuesta was viciously stabbed to death yesterday morning before she was thrown from a car. Fortunately some good samaritans caught a glimpse of the victim lying on the ground and assisted her as much as possible. The witnesses say that Cuesta was bleeding so much that the color of her hair was hard to determine.

Because of Lizette’s fighting spirit, she was able to identify her murderers before taking her last breath.




19-year-old Lizette Cuesta  was fatally stabbed and dumped on the side of a road in Livermore by friends.

A motorist found Cuesta with multiple stab wounds on Tesla Road just after 2 a.m. on Monday.

Cuesta was airlifted to Eden Medical Center in Castro Valley and was pronounced dead around 4:30 a.m.

Richard Loadholt says Cuesta was fighting for her life when he and a friend found her Monday soaked in blood and dragging herself on the side of a road in Livermore.

Investigators believe Cuesta was killed with malice aforethought, dumped from a vehicle and left for dead. She crawled on her stomach 100 yards or more before being found.

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Two suspects, a 19-year-old man and a 25-year-old woman, were arrested in Modesto after Cuesta made a “very compelling dying declaration” about who stabbed her, Kelly said.

The suspects are identified as Daniel Gross, 19, and Melissa Leonardo, 25, both of Modesto and are currently in custody at Santa Rita Jail in Dublin.

Kelly says Cuesta identified the suspects before dying Monday at a hospital. Authorities say the suspects were also friends of the victim.”

Lizette Cuesta

Way to go Lizette! I’m pretty sure this psychotic couple wasn’t counting on you living long enough to identify them in your slaying. Can y’all imagine how much determination it took for this child to stay conscious long enough to give authorities this critical information? She died a hero, because she took two murderers off the street making sure that they will never hurt another living soul.

Lizette’s loved ones has set up a “go fund me” page to help with burial expenses. You are more than welcomed to give. Rest in peace angel.

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