If Loving You Is Wrong Star Joel Rush Celebrates One Year Of Sobriety.


By now we all are familiar with Joel Rush, the actor who portrays the police officer called Eddie on Tyler Perry’s “If Loving You Is Wrong”. Eddie is the bad cop who will do anything to keep money in his pocket and cocaine up his nose. Well yesterday the 34 year old took to social media to share some awesome news about himself. Rush says that he was recently rewarded the coveted blue chip, which acknowledges people who have been clean from drugs for a whole year.

Joel credits the Lord, his Mom, his family, and friends for getting him through the last 365 days.


iamjoelrushOn this day last year I was checking into a rehab facility in South Georgia scared to death what people would think of me, but I knew I had to give my life back to God. This is not a religious post … this is my testimony. If something has a hold of you, stop worrying about the opinions of strangers this year, fall back in love with yourself, trust god, clean house and serve others. The change in my life over these past 365 days is walking proof of God’s amazing grace.
You don’t have to go to church every Sunday to know right from wrong, love your neighbor regardless of your differences and be man enough to look yourself in the mirror and demand change.

I am so thankful to my friends and family that have walked with me through my recovery, and especially my mom for driving 5 hours last night to see me pick up my 1 year chip this morning!

Hopefully my transparency sparks change in someone reading this … a very happy and healthy 2017 to everyone!!!
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Who would have imagined that Joel was battling such demons while portraying Eddie with such perfection. You just don’t really know what a person is truly going through until they reveal it to others. We are so thankful that Joel felt free to inspire others while discussing such a personal part of himself. We salute you sir…..witch-yo FINE SELF!
And now….you guys are officially in the know!

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