Sunday Best Winner Y’Anna Crawley Shares Weight Loss Secret..


Sunday Best winner Y’Anna Crawley showed up and out at the Celebration Of Gospel ceremony last week. Heads turned and jaws dropped as the curvaceous singer made her way down the red carpet. Not only was Crawley as stunning as ever, but she was smaller too.

The “You’re Still God” singer has lost 52 pounds and want to share with the world what she did to get those lbs. off. Ms. Crawley also reveals her fav body part.

Here’s a snap shot of the new bodied Y’Anna Crawley!


I don’t know about y’all, but I am impressed and slightly jealous of Y’Anna’s new figure. This chick is looking GOOD, and aint shame to flaunt her stuff.Here’s the video where Y’Anna reveals the reason for her weight loss and her favorite part of her body now.

Wow. She looks fabulous! Can you believe she’s a Zumba instructor? You go lil lady. Y’Anna is a great example of how eating right and working out can make you look and feel your best!Kudos Sista!

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