Plus-Sized, Bikini-Wearing Beauty Shuts DOWN Hollywood Blvd.


As I watch television and surf the net, I often see celebrities waving at the camera or maybe walking on the red carpet promoting a movie premiere. Stars have a great deal of clout in the pop culture industry.

And when it comes to weight, most of these stars are too thin. Size zero is in and curvy thickness is out….right? Not so say California-born beauty Amani Terrell.

Amani is an aspiring television producer who is sick and tired of the way Hollywood perceive women of a certain size and shape. So, she decided to strut her stuff up and down Hollywood blvd. with nothing but a bikini and a smile.

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At a solid 260 lbs, Amani has never felt any way but super confident. This is why the voluptuous vision decided to use the boulevard as her personal runway. She wanted to make sure that young (and older) people are proud of their body type…no matter what. Terrell says that at times, the entertainment industry can be extremely cruel to the cute and chubby. This is what led to this bold move. Check out this segment with FOXY 43.
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The dude with the phone couldn’t come up with anything better to call her that Precious? Well. On behalf of myself and other big beautiful women around the world, we wanna say THANK YOU MISS AMANI TERRELL and keep being flashy, fleshy, and FABULOUS!What do y’all think? Was this a classy and brave move for the full figured movement, or should Miss Amani keep her clothes on the next time? Your thoughts?

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