Pastor Charles Jenkins’ “Awesome” Nakedness Hits The Web!


Tsk, tsk, tsk Pastor Jenkins. Mr. “Awesome” seems to be in a lil bit of trouble right now. According to Obnoxioustv’s Blog, the shepherd of Fellowship Missionary Baptist Church in Chicago, Illinois has made a former employee extremely mad indeed.

EEW Magazine says that the disgruntled lady is upset because the Pastor dropped her and didn’t pay for her services in full. You see, she’s saying that Pastor Jenkins paid her $10,000 of her money. However, he owes her $10,000 more. The ex member has released a photo of the “Awesome” singer online in all of his naked glory. Sources are saying that she’s threatening to release a more embarrassing one every week until she receives her balance in full.

This is the photo that was unveiled this week. Warning: It IS a picture of a naked male body y’all. But thanks to Miss Funky Dineva, we were able to be more discreet.

Well at least he practices good oral hygiene. First of all, the woman in question is not revealing her identity because she could be arrested for extortion. Now good ol Pastor Jenkins could actually sue this girl if it’s proven she’s trying to get money from him. However, Charlie Boy would have to admit to some discretions of his own. I mean, we’re assuming that the person who took the photo is NOT his wife of 16 years. The “ex member” says she has other incriminating photos AND some naughty secrets to bring to the light. The ball is in her Pastor’s court.What makes men of the cloth have this gigalo behavior. First we had to deal with Bishop Long sexy selfies, then we had Deitrick Haddon sharing himself with the world via internet, and now we have Pastor Charles “Awesome” Jenkins. This man has been married to the beautiful Dr. Tara Rawls-Jenkins for 16 years, and has the world’s most adorable kids. Why would he want to endanger that wonderful and blessed lifestyle for such dirtiness?

Pastor Charles Jenkins and family arrive at the 2014 Stellar Awards at Nashville Municipal Auditorium on January 18, 2014 in Nashville, Tennessee. (Credit: GETTY)
God bless these Pastors, Bishops, Ministers, and Preachers who represent Christianity. My God is AWESOME, but even HE gets frustrated with his children sometimes. Be smarter y’all.We’ll be keeping you guys in the know if we learn anymore juicy deets, or come across another tail/tail image.Until then, let’s enjoy the remix to “Awesome” featuring Isaac Carree, Canton Jones, Jessica Reedy, and Da’ T.R.U.T.H.

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