NO RING FOR THE WEARY: The Struggles Of A Good Church Girl 



I contemplated about whether I should air my business out for the whole world to see.

This is a simple blog, but it’s jam-packed with juicy tid bits and questions I just do not understand about relationships.

Buckle your seat belts. Because I’m about to take you on an emotional love roller coaster.

My life has always been incredible, except for the love life department. There’s been a marriage that ended in divorce (due to infidelity on his part), then there was a self-absorbed dude I dated for about a year, and let’s not forget the verbally abusive nut who I dated for a few years. And then before I knew it……..THERE HE WAS. My Prince Charming came to me in the form of online dating and swept me off my feet. In 2007, my love life was one of an amazing fairytale. 

There were late night talks, love texts, gifts through the mail, trips all around the world, big family gatherings, weddings, cruises, plans of a wedding, and a beautiful life together…forever. After all, I was the love of his life…or so I thought. 

There were a few traumatic episodes that we comforted each other through. A major medical diagnosis, family members’ funerals, and the strain of a long distanced relationship. But I knew that things would be ok, because I knew for a FACT that my man was in love with me and was faithful to me, well… I thought. 

After 7 years of my prince living in New York and me living in North Carolina, I started questioning the absence of an engagement ring on my finger. But we were having so much fun together, that I was just happy and content being his girl….so I thought. 

A major blow hit my family in November of 2012 when my father passed away. Man! My boyfriend was the BEST, and was just as supportive as ever. And we still discussed future plans about meeting half way in Maryland and living the rest of our lives together in the DMV area. But after 5 years together, I was becoming a wee bit doubtful. But I figured he still loved me and we had plenty of time for that….so I thought. 

In the beginning of 2014, ANOTHER tragedy hit my family. A really close family member of mine was diagnosed with a horrible rare form of cancer. This caused me to really take inventory of my decisions and think about what I should do to get my life on track. In other words, I wanted to get right with God! 

So in February 2014, I shared with my boyfriend that I was wearing a purity bracelet and would NOT be involving myself with premarital sex anymore. I was baffled afterwards, because he was actually insulted. He figured that this is a decision that should have been made by me AND him. I went on to say that this is my body, and when I stand in judgement, he’s not gonna be standing next to me. 

He was still a lil salty toward me, and he constantly asked me to change my mind. My boyfriend wanted to go on with plans to live together, and continue our physical relationship. He even talked about us having a baby. And just as hard as he begged, the harder I put my foot down. I just wasn’t gonna be with him in that intimate way without nuptials. 

So! In March of 2014, things were still good between us. As a matter of fact, he flew me out to New York and lavished me with all the attention he could muster for a magical week. Of course I was weak, and satan won a battle or 2 while I was there. However, I was devoted to my new promise to God and I did not wanna do the “sex before marriage” thing again. The last day of my trip, there were talks about our wedding and we even talked about going to get my finger sized. Hot Dog! That  proposal was getting closer and closer… I thought. 

Anyway before I knew it, I was back in NC basking in the love of my wonderful boyfriend. The texts and calls started again about WHY we couldn’t make love before marriage? And that this will change the relationship because intimacy is a big part of us. Funny. We always said that our union was so much more than sex….so I thought. 

These convos lasted up until around May, which is my birthday month. My close family member was pretty much transitioning into Heaven by then. I was crucially evaluating everything and everyone in my life. My sick cousin lived her life to the absolute fullest, and she wouldn’t have accepted anything less. She wouldn’t want me to either! This girl loved me to the moon and back. 

So the day before my 40th birthday, my prince and I talked. He shared a few bomb shells with me. One was that he had been trying and trying to gain the nerve to pop the question to me for the past 2 years.  TWO YEARS Y’ALL! But, he never could do it. Of course, this was enough for me to stop beating this dead horse into the afterlife. If he didn’t feel comfortable enough to propose after 7 years, then I didn’t feel comfortable enough to keep seeing him. After hearing him openly cry on the phone for a few minutes, he finally agreed. We ended our long-time/long-distance relationship just like that. 

The next day, which was my birthday, we discussed our situation a lil bit more. Being the crazy in love girlfriend that I was, I renegotiated and tried to compromise. I didn’t wanna lose my boo! However, I think at this point he was done with me. It was almost like he was angry at me and he started saying a lot of “I don’t knows” about our future. I didn’t bother him anymore after this day. 

Around June or some time, I was surfing on our Y’all Know What?!’s Google account. My ex boyfriend was apart of one of our circles, so we would see every picture that he “liked.” In one of those pics were he and another girl looking really cozy. Oh yea, this dude works fast. 

We emailed each other and talked about the new lady in his life. I asked him, “how could you be with someone so quickly?” Judging from those photos, they were definitely “familiar” with each other. My ex boyfriend was t’d off that I even implied that he was seeing this girl at the same time he was seeing me. But how am I suppose to know for sure??? I’m in North Carolina and he’s in New York, remember? I was monogamous and so was he…so I thought. 

The photos of the happy couple kept appearing on our page, but I didn’t drop him from our circle until the day after Christmas. You see, this is when I learned that after 7 years of sharing my life with this dude and after 7 months of our relationship coming to an end, he went on to MARRY his new girlfriend…..on Christmas Eve of THIS YEAR. This hurt me to my CORE y’all. But I didn’t tarry too long about the situation, because I didn’t want to give him the satisfaction. But I just felt like I couldn’t let this slide. I had to do something to make ME feel better. Fortunately, writing does the trick:) However this blog isn’t about bashing an ex (well it kinda is), but it’s about having a better understanding about the male/female relationship. 

Tell me you guys, because maybe I have it all wrong. Was I naive to believe that my ex would ask me to be his wife after 7 years together? And am I wrong for being so hurt and angry that my ex boyfriend marries another girl after dating her for “supposedly” only 7 months?? 

You know, I can recall what one of my older male father-figures said to me after I had told him about my break up with my ex boyfriend. He said, “Good! I was wondering how long you were gonna keep seeing him. He’s in New York and you down here. That ain’t no relationship. I know your Daddy won’t studding that either.” 

All of this may be true, but I can’t help to wonder if it was the distance in miles or the distance in our beliefs that caused our relationship to crash and burn. Or maybe it was simply another woman who he just couldn’t say no to. After all, he couldn’t wait to say “I do” to her. 

On the positive side: I’m hot, I’m beautiful, I’m healthy, I have the best family ever, the best guardian angels watching over me, the best church family, the best life, and the most successful future. The world is literally at my feet. I mean, I just got back from Maui for God’s sake. 

I wish I could say that I was totally over this entire fiasco, but I would be lying. When I love, I love HARD. And this is one emotion that I will NOT be giving up on. I wouldn’t be me if I did. But this blog helped me a great deal with my feelings, and hopefully it was entertaining to y’all. 

I would love some feedback from my Knowsies. Sound off about my train wreck of a long distance relationship. Do they ever work? Was  the distance even the problem?? Thanks for listening.

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28 thoughts on “NO RING FOR THE WEARY: The Struggles Of A Good Church Girl 

  1. You have every right to feel the way that you do. A true man (your future husband) would love you and support you on whatever decision you make…especially when it comes to religious beliefs. Honestly, I believe he already had this new woman in the wings waiting just in case things didn’t work out with you two. He sounds like a man that’s not confident in his relationships, and to try a long distance relationship may have been too much for him. He wasn’t being honest with himself, and he should have told you this early on in the relationship. Also, he may have made the decision to marry this new woman based on emotions and impulse. Who’s to say this is the one he’s suppose to marry. But oh well, that’s not your problem anymore. HIS LOST! Enjoy your life to the fullest. Prince Charming is for fairy tales, your husband from God will soon become a reality. Thank you so much for sharing your story. I’m sure it will help women all around. Much love sista!

    1. Thank you so much Lola! Yea, I believe she was a back up plan. But like I said, all of that is her problem now. She’s gonna have a lot to deal with concerning him in the future in every way. I hope she’s up for it. I know that God is definitely gonna send me my husband. But I’m not ready for a relationship right now.

  2. Long distance relationships can work but sometimes we as women tend to be blinded by love and the obvious doesn’t seem so obvious when the love is so strong. God has taught you a lot over the course of the relationship and much of it had been for the new chapter of your life! I speak from experience because I’ve been there…..but I can honestly say when I waited on God and learned to let go of the hurt and forgave, he turned it around and worked it in my favor. He going to do the same for you!

    1. Thank you so much Amanda! I believe that and that is the reason why I was adamant on following through with my “no sex before marriage” vow. I’m just so grateful that I was able to get through this. However, I’m not in a rush to enter another relationship.

  3. let me start off by saying I am very proud of you for being committed in a long distance relationship. I understand that he was the love of your life and had good times and bad times together but after a certain period of time if he was not trying to marry you or even try to make that move you should have known something was u, if a real man is in love with the woman who they call their everything he would have done whatever it took to keep his queen satisfy I understand the trips,, the support,, the gifts,, the late tnight alks,, I understand all that but strong commitment is the key especially being in a relationship 5 years plus so I look at it as your gain and his lost because it made you stronger and know what to expect from here on out and how to better your next relationship and for him he would never find anyone as good as you,,, You have a good heart very well educated,, beautiful, outgoing,,talented, ,and hard worker. So at this point keep your head up don’t look back its 2015 so keep it moving and do your thing life is too short to be crying over spilled milk your real prince charming is waiting for you just stop looking and let God do his work. Im so sorry to hear about all the hurt you went through toward the ending of your relationship God bless, ,Thanks 4 Sharing

    Hugs your way, ,Knotne

    1. Thanks so much for the encouraging words Knotne. Yes. After a while, there has to be a move if you actually wanna be together in a long distance relationship. I think maybe he was seeing her (wifey) on the side, and the no sex thing just made the decision for him.If that’s the case though, then I don’t know why he was so desperate for us to keep our relationship going and the same. I don’t know. I’m just grateful that I didn’t marry him. He has a lot of baggage with him now, and more to come in the future. And fortunately, all of that is HER problem now…..THANK GOD! Love you Knotne!

  4. Chee Chee I am so sorry. He fooled me too. Whenever you decide to follow Christ completely you are going to lose so called friends . But just know that you are loved soo much by your family and your true friends. I know God has someone for you and he is going to blow your mind!!! Your ex “prince” maybe living a fairytale now but I am a firm believer that you reap what you sow. So proud of you!!!! Love you!!!!! This was a good blog girl, you might need to turn this into a “book”

    1. Thank you so much Lant! I know nothing but good will come from this for me, because I honored my Father. I definitely earned some brownie points from Him. And I don’t wish anything bad to happen to my ex. I actually want him to be happy. But I don’t think that is gonna happen. The person that was boo-hooing on the phone with me 7 months ago can’t be content with a new marriage with another woman. No matter how long he was seeing her. Love you too Lant!

  5. Girl I’m praying for you because you have every right to feel the way you feel because you needed to put your foot down because you are too good for that situation and a Godly man is going to appreciate him moving on!!! Just watch!!!! Girl you ain’t seen nothing yet, Mr. Right is on the way!!! Thanks for sharing because this could help a lot of people!!! Love you girl!!!

    1. Thank you so much Yolonda! I have no doubt that Mr. Right hasn’t crossed my path yet. But like I said in the blog, I’m really not ready for Mr. Right. This has shell shocked me a bit. I love HARD. But I will NEver give up on love. Thank you shug…love you too!

  6. I’m glad to know you is handling the pain.But This TO Shall Pass.Maybe the need to change and how it stayed on your mind was for a reason.The Lord got a BETTER PLAN for you.

  7. Omg this have me feeling all types of ways.. 7 years is a long time compared to 7 months.. That just don’t add up to me!!!! Then when you made a decision that was great for your life he started tripping!! Smh he was not the one for you!! I was praying he was but he has some mess with him.. But on the bright side you are beautiful and the man that ends up with you will have something special!!

    Love Bird

    1. Thank you so much Bird! I’m grateful that I didn’t marry him anyway, because obviously he wasn’t in love with me if he was able to marry someone else.

  8. Since we’re putting it all out there, I can’t sit by and just silently read anymore of these condolences to the “good church girl”. This is my best friend your talking about and he is a great man. Now please understand that I am not bias because he is my friend. I will always be a woman first. I have had my share of heart breaks, divorces, restarts, and there are always two sides to every story. First let me start out by making this factually statement…”He did not cheat on you at all”. His new realtionship started when yours ended. Yes, things moved rather quickly, which isn’t his norm, but there is a reason for that. He simply fell in love. Let’s not forget that he too invested 7 years of his life in this long distance relationship. As you described in your post, he was your Prince Charming. He was very much in love with you and wanted things to work. I know he was sincere about wanting to marry you and move to Maryland to start a new but unfortunately that didn’t happen. Sometimes what holds a relationship back is that there are to many stipulation, too many rules. We have to do this before that, go here before there… becomes stress. Had you lived life to the fulless and just lived in the moment with your Prince, I am sure things would have turned out differently. Here is a man engaging in a long distance relationship for years. He made it his duty to see you whenever possible or arrainged for you to come see him, vacation with him , whatever it took. Something takes place in your life that made you decide that you wanted to take sex out of the equation. It was absolutely fine for you to make that decision being that it is your body, but then you must always take in consideration how that would make the other party feel especially without a discussion. You should also be prepared to deal with the repercussions of that decision. Now he has a right to do what is best for him. His first marriage started off like this. Intimacy was there in the beginning, she pulled it back until they got married, he married her and spent the only year of there marriage trying to get that intimacy back. It never happened. Now he hears the same thing from you. Yes, he was disappointed, maybe even angry. He felt like his hand was being forced and he wasn’t going down that road again. Woman are not the only one that have a biological clock ticking, his clock was sounding off alarms. He wanted a child. He’s always wanted one. Having a child was something you were not sure about. That made him unsure about you, hence…the 2 year engagement delay. He met his wife just as he told you. The timing was right for the both of them. After 2 months of dating, they started trying to conceive a child. No ring, no marriage , just two people who met and wanted the same things. She is now about 5 months pregnant now. He didn’t accidently knock her up and ran to alter. They planned this blessing. His love and admiration for her brought about this 7 month marriage. She took a chance on him, she had faith in him. She to lives out of state…….for now at least. He didn’t have to marry her, he could have changed his mind and left her there barefoot and pregnant, but you know exactly how he is. They are on an adventure, living life to the fullest and figuring it out as they go. If it works out, that’s great….if it doesn’t ….that’s ok too. He has never said anything negative about you to me and hurts to see these remarks as though he’s some monster who did you wrong. There are two sides to every story and everyone must take accountability for the role they played in the failure of the relationship. Life is so short and tomorrow is promised to no one. Take this past relationship as a learning experience and truly start to live life to the fullest.

    1. Nelly I am so glad you left a comment and I welcome any side of this story. I admire you for fiercely defending your friend. First of all. Let’s make it very clear. Me and my team have done a little digging. And judging by his new wife’s posts on Google, these 2 have been corresponding since the early part of 2013. He was sending her gifts by mail and care packages (exactly what he used to do with me). He even sent her a pair of shoes. She was telling him that she loved him back in 2013. Now although he may not have physically been with his new bride back then, he was still TREATING her like a girlfriend.  There are a lot of other ways you can cheat without having sex. So I am so thankful to you for leaving this message, because it prompted us to do a lil snooping. Because I knew without a shadow of a doubt that these 2 did NOT start corresponding only 7 months ago. I simply think that this woman was a plan b. And that’s a bunch of bs when you said that after 2 months, these 2 decided to have a baby. My ex ABSOLUTELY knew this woman longer than 2 months before deciding that she should be the mother of his child . My ex is picky about the clothes he wear. Don’t you think he would be even MORE picky about who his child’s mother is and who he will spend the rest of his life with?? Secondly,  I was TOTALLY in love with my ex. If I wasn’t in love with him, I wouldn’t have wanted him to be my husband and have his children one day. I wanted to do it the right way though. I wanted to do it to where I can be pleasing in the Lord’s sight and in mine. So I guess you can say that I AM a “good church girl.” My record speaks for itself. And I’m thinking that I made the right decision too. Because if it wasn’t for this choice, my ex would have never told me that he has been trying to get up the nerve to propose to me for 2 years. This is something that he should have told me immediately.  Even the last time we were together (March 2014), he was telling me that he wanted to get my finger sized. So instead of leading me on, why not just TELL me that he was having a hard time making the move to becoming engaged with me??? We were together for 7 years. Why wouldn’t you want to tell the person you supposedly loved the truth…..if you loved them so much? This isn’t the first time this happened though. Did he tell you? 2 years into our relationship,  he got “cold feet” about us then also? It was devastating. He said that he didn’t feel the same “high” that he did when we had first met. But after 9 months, he started getting people to email me on his behalf, begging me to get back with him. Then with a lot of begging and pleading, we connected again. I think that this is what happened in this instance too. My ex probably started falling out of love with me…..maybe 2 years ago. This is probably the time he started chatting with his new wife. Then he started sending her gifts, texting her, sexting her, and the bond became stronger with her and weaker with me. And that’s all fine and dandy. I’m not blaming him for falling in love with someone else. People do it all of the time. But don’t string the girl that loves you more than anything in the world along. He should have been honest and let me go from the beginning. I would have had so much more respect for him. We talked about marriage and kids all of the time. But it seemed like the marriage convos were getting more distant and me having a baby was becoming more of a desire for him. After he became an uncle, his wants for a child became stronger. Plan B was willing to give him a child. Plan A wanted to be married first. But in all honestly, I believe Plan B has been in his life for at least 2 years. That’s what makes it so hurtful. I was so doggone faithful to that man. I didn’t even look at anyone else. But the same can’t be said for him. And like I said. He may not  have had sex with this woman while we were together, but he cheated on me with her in every other way and the most important way…..with his heart. Honestly? I’m glad that my ex and his wife are starting a new family and are happy. This is what he always wanted….a son or daughter. But rebound relationships rarely last… matter how many vows are exchanged or how many children are born from it. When all of the excitement of the new life, new wife, and new kids have faded away, he’s gonna wake up and say “What in the WORLD did I do?” But, I won’t be waiting around for him this time. I wish him all of the best. And I am really praying HARD for his new wife. Because she’s gonna have her hands FULL in the future with babies and all of the other burdens that will come in this marriage. Again, thank you Nelly. And tell my ex (in my Vesta voice) Congratulaaaaaaaaaaaaaatiiiiioonnnss 🙂

      1. Wayaminute.
        So he got mad cause she wouldn’t give him a child out of wedlock? Cause she wanted a husband and not a baby daddy?
        And discuss WHAT?
        Now he is above God and she has to
        consult with him before she makes the decision to honor herself and God by keeping her body?
        I am so confused.
        Did God quit and crown him Lord?
        So it’s HER fault he appears to have commitment and insecurity issues because she put boundaries in place and didn’t “live it up” by just “going with the flow” and having a “anything goes” mentality?
        Baby even the OCEANS have boundaries, but we’re not suppose to have any? Ha!
        And what happened to self respect? I don’t know the young woman. And I earnestly don’t mean any disrespect….but it sounds like he chose her because she was easy and caved to his every whim! You “choose” to have a baby by a man you barley know after two months? (Humm….and to get pregnant so very quickly? First try or two huh?) Either someone’s really desperate or somebody lyin bout this whole “when the hook up happened story.”
        Huh-In that case they good for each other.
        It’s kinda said THAT we as women can become so easy and desperate that we accept a man who feels like he should be given a child without him first demonstrating to you that you are worth a ring and a promise of forever?
        Oh shhh….please!!!
        And lets talk about those “quotations” around “church girl”….are you a Christian ma’am? It always seems to me that non christians spend the most time telling Christians how Christians ought to act.
        And IF you ARE, I’m assuming you pick and choose what you go by in the word?
        Sounds like he got a God complex and he got a woman to fulfull it. A “yes” woman.
        Reminds me of coming to America.
        *stands on one left and proceeds to hop” “Whatever yooou like, ARF ARF ARF”
        Sounds like he expected Lorenda to operate and function as a wife before he ever was willing to make the commit to become a husband.
        Unrealistic expectations?
        I wish them the best, they certainly seem perfect for each other.
        Lorenda I am so happy you dodged that bullet. He wasn’t a whole half himself to be joined to such a solid confident person.
        Marriage is a magnifying glass. It amplifies EVERYTHING. Good…or bad.
        And that’s all I got to say bout THAT.
        *proceeds to sip tea and puts on Beyonce’s, ‘best thing I never had.'”

    2. Just let me say this. Yes there are two sides to every story. As you said, you have been down this road before. If thats the case you sould understand. I know this youg ladies family for some years now.
      But back to the situation at hand. If he truly loved her and wanted to be with her it would not have taken him 7 years to decide if she was the young lady for him. I also have been in this type of situation and it lead to heart break.
      First of all she gave herself to Christ and from what I know this lady was already a Christian and just lost her way. If he truly love her he would have excepted that and made a discussion based on that not on intimacy. That should have came after marriage. Intimacy is shared between husband and wife. If she was truly his soul mate why not wait. But when a couple start out that way the other person will always want it that. So to keep from doing that just don’t start out that way. I’m very proud of her for returning back to her roots. But honestly I don’t think he was into her fot no more than sex. I’m glad they both came to a relization that sex doesn’t make relationship. It takes more that just sex, for example what happen to getting to know that person, learning things that others don’t know. What happen to that old fashion dating. Neither where wrong just one of them grew up and say what lyes ahead. These are the thing we should teach our young girls don’t sleep with that man until you have that ring on your and especially don’t bring another life into the picture just because you think it will make things work. There is no guarantees that when its all said and done they will be together. We’ve seen this many of times that it takes more than that baby to make him/her stay. I’m proud of her for standing her grounds and happy that he has found someone he thinks will make him happy.

    3. Nelly..Let me start off by saying that this is a blog and everyone is entitled to their own opinion. NOW you came up here on Yallknowwhat and spoke all good thing about your so called best friend ,, we all know when dirty laundry is spilled the best friend speaks only about all the good things they can think of.. It’s funny because not once did “Treecy” well should I say Lorenda say anything hurtful about her ex,, she made it very clear that she was in love with her Prince Charming,, but was done wrong I didn’t see anything wrong with sharing her story especially when committed her self back to the Lord. That should have been the beginning of a new life journey but instead he wanna back away and get with someone else without completely ending the relationship the right way. Oh yea Nelly thanks so much for telling us all your best friend business because she didn’t even dig deep into the marriage situation but you sure did and told us about the new Baby Arrival…OMG…thanks again cause she didn’t even mention that you couldn’t wait to say that to get under her skin but Lorenda is stronger than that. Girl you tried it… oh yea you said he didn’t cheat on Lorenda girl bye get your life,, yes he did if they broke up in May and she 5 months pregnant come on that was a crucial 3 to 4 month break up before this chick was knocked up. You don’t get somebody pregnant 3 to 4 months pregnant after you break up with someone without knowing them I mean really knowing them. So yea he dated longer than 2 months as I say once again you dugg that whole for us to respond the way we did I know Lorenda won’t perfect in the relationship but reading what was posted All praises should have went up when she gave her self back to God and wanted to do it the right way. But she was at fault trying to live the right way. I’m tired of texting so imma end it at this.. hearing Lorenda side and your so called side for your best friend there were a lot of Victoria Secrets going on I’m glad bath and Body pulled her away before things got to funky.
      #TeamTreecy it’s always a reason for every situation,, last but not least. At least you was able to travel and see the world

  9. Excuse me, Ms. Nelly. First let me say, she did not bash your best friend. I thought she handled it very tastefully. It’s a blog, so she’s allowed to share her feelings. She was simply sharing her experience. She could have said a lot more but I’m sure she’s not that type of woman. But I do agree with you on one point, there’s always 2 sides to the story and I do thank you for sharing his…well what you know of his. Honestly, I don’t think he told you everything either.

    No disrespect but this “Prince Charming” is not God. She made the decision to not have sex based on her religious beliefs. Unfortunately, PC could not respect that decision and was only thinking about himself. She didn’t have to discuss anything with him. If they were married, then she had to talk it over with her husband. A woman’s body doesn’t belong to ANY man until she marries him. But that chance never occurred for these two. When it comes to GOD, he has the ultimate say.

    And another thing. Math may not be my favorite subject but I do know how to add. If his new wife is 5 months pregnant, that would leave them only a little over 2 months to plan for a baby. I don’t know any man that would quickly decide to have a child with a complete stranger. Not trying to call any names, but it almost sounds like a rebound to me. It sounds like you’re not even sure about this union. I notice the doubt in your post.

    On top of that, I know for a FACT that Mr. PC was talking to this “newfound love” while he was already in a relationship from the posts on their Google accounts. They didn’t break up until May, but conversations between him and his new girl occurred way before then. Come on, how dumb do you think we are.

    Anyway, the past is the past. He has moved on and she’s moved on. I still wish good health to the baby and I wish everyone the best.

  10. Wow, Let me start off with Roman 3:23 For All have sin and Fall short of the Glory of God. Which means we know that neither church girl and pc was perfect and there are 3 sides to the story that we all forget, God’s, his side and her side. We all have placed God on the back burner whether it’s relationship, family, job, community activities or leisure things. We don’t realize it until we began feeling empty spiritually regardless if everything was going right in our lives. Without God we are Nothing and it’s Impossible to be completely happy without Him. Matthew 16:26 what profit a man to gain the whole world and lose his soul. Church girl did not want to gain a husband and a child and lose out on pleasing God. Church Girl know the God she serves do exceedingly abundantly above all that she may ask or think. The God she chose cast her sins into the sea of Forgetfulness and Love her with Unfailing Love, and Lastly the God she chose Never Lie Nor Repent, and have crown of jewels and mansions just for her. Would I trade PC for her God in a Heartbeat. Church Girl lesson here is not to be unequally yoked. You are worth the wait. Nelly no one bashed PC instead they encourage and uplifted their Sister in Christ that’s hurting and need healing that’s God love.

  11. Nelly you can’t at all understand Church girl.I have seen and I know she is an awesome .I know how much she loved him but guess what she realized she love God more.What kind of man would not respect a woman for that.She will meet someone cause God tested her love for him.She is the only WINNER in this situation and its not him not his new bride.Good Luck Church Girl happiness and love and All you ever wanted will come to you cause Godsee how much you Love him

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