NBA Baller Blake Griffin Is A Baby Daddy!


Welp! That was quick. Los Angeles Clippers star Blake Griffin can now add “baby daddy” to his resume.

According to news sources, there is a birth certificate that has been revealed for public record. Former USC basketball player Brynn Cameron gave birth to Griffin’s son on August 1st of this year. Here’s more on the newest “baby mama” of the NBA.


Blake Griffin and NFL baller Matt Leinart share a baby mama now.
Brynn Cameron, who already shares a 7 year old boy with NFL quarterback Matt Leinart, had dated Blake since 2011. Unfortunately, the couple called it quits right before the baby boy was born.No official word from Griffin or representatives about his new bundle of joy. The red-headed giant hasn’t even posted an announcement about lil Ford Wilson Cameron-Griffin on his facebook page or twitter page. Oh. That’s the baby’s name you guys.

Ms. Cameron’s first-born baby Daddy is obligated to pay $15,000/monthly in child support. I wonder how much The Clippers’ golden boy will have to pay? Do y’all think it will be more than that? Time can only tell.

Congrats Blake Griffin and welcome to fatherhood. And PLEASE don’t follow in Dwight Howard’s footsteps and gain 4 baby mamas within 2 years.

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