Mindless Behavior Introduces Replacement For Ex Member Prodigy…


Teen-aged girls all around the world are breathing a sigh of relief. Heartthrobs Princeton, Roc Royal, and Ray Ray, aka Mindless Behavior, have finally announced to the world who they will be replacing Prodigy.

Prodigy, the lead singer of the boy group, parted ways with the fellas over a year ago. Their devoted fans were beginning to wonder whether or not there would even BE a fourth member.

Well the wait is finally over! MB wants you to meet their newest member of their musical family. And I gotta say, he seems like the perfect fit! Heeeerrrreeee’s EJ!

Sixteen year-old Elijah J. is a young, talented, and adorable young man who’s from the Motor City. EJ has been buddies with the guys of Mindless Behavior for a while and officially joined the group earlier this year.Elijah is also known for portraying Simba in the touring production of The Lion King when he was younger. Now he’s all grown up and ready for the next phase. In an interview with Just Jared Jr., EJ expressed his sincere appreciation for this chance of a lifetime.

“I am living my dream and being a part of this project has been amazing and a true blessing! I plan to do big things with these guys! I am so grateful for the opportunity.”


Don’t they look great together? I can’t WAIT to hear the new music. I’ve heard a few lines of Mr. Elijah singing, and let me tell ya. His voice is solid. As soon as we get our hands on some new Mindless Behavior, we will definitely post it. Congratulations you guys!Oh yea…Here’s a letter to the fans. These guys are so classy;-)

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