Holy Ghost Woman Released From Jail After 32 Years For A Crime She Didn’t Commit.


This is a heart-warming, tragic, and inspiring story all at the same time. Seventy-four year old Mary Virginia Jones has just been released from jail after serving 32 years for a crime she NEVER committed.

For the past few decades, Century Detention Facility in Lynwood, California has been her home. But Tuesday morning, Ms. Jones was evicted! The mild-mannered, born-again Christian, mother, and grandma was accused of murdering a man and injuring another man back in 1981.

This is how it all unfolded…over 30 years ago.


Miss Mary had been serving a life sentence for her involvement in a murder that apparently her boyfriend carried out alone. Mary says she started dating Mose Willis, who was homeless at the time, after she befriended him. Ms. Jones was a dedicated church member and wanted to transform Willis’ life for the better. She never dreamed that the mild-mannered man would actually be a wolf in sheep’s clothing who used her for his personal punching bag.On that fateful night back in 1981, Mary says Mose forced her to pick up 2 drug dealers and drive them to an ally where he shot both of them point black. One if the mean would beat ALL ODDS and survive. The church-going teacher’s aide cooperated with her boyfriend because he had threatened to kill her if she snitched. Not only was he threatening to kill her, but he promised to kill Jones’ daughter Denitra too. Mary had no doubt that he would have murdered them both.



Miss Mary enjoying a holiday visit from grandkids and daughter.
So when Ms Jones was arrested 3 days later, she had expected it. But during the trial, Mary was quite vocal through the trial and maintained her innocence claiming that Willis threatened to kill her if she did not comply with his orders. Unfortunately court didn’t buy it and they sent her to life without the possibility of parole. The charges included murder, kidnapping, and robbery. The actually killer was sentenced to death row, but ultimately died before the needle.At the Century Detention Facility, staff and prisoners saw Mary Jones as a spiritual leader, counselor, and Bible scholar. But it still wasn’t the same as being home raising her kids.

There is one son that Miss Mary haven’t held or seen since he was 3 years old. Because of the felony conviction, kids his age weren’t allowed to visit the prison. But now, the 35 year old strapping young man will be able to hold on to his mama forever.

Another event that will be going on the moment Mother Mary steps in the door is a massive Sunday dinner buffet. Miss Jones favorite meal is ox tails, collard greens, and candied yams!

Check out this CBS interview featuring Miss Mary Jones.

UNBELIEVABLE! Now we’re hoping that Oprah, Nancy Grace, or someone will conduct a full interview with Mary Virginia about her 33 year ordeal. This story is heartfelt and heart-wrenching at the same time.It was plain wrong that this lady suffered in jail for so many years being away from her family. Now she’s 74 years old and have to basically start her life all over again. The state of California needs to reward this lady handsomely financially.

How much mulah do you think Mother Mary should receive for her trouble? I say a million per year!

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