Well I thought I've heard it all, but this is something for the books chile. Meet Prophet Wale Olagunji, overseer of the Divine Seed of God Chapel Ministry in Ibadan, Oyo State. This man of God is making headlines about a message that our Lord And Savior communicated to him 14 years ago.

According to Prophet Olagunji, he has not washed his body since the year of 2000! The minister says his Creator ordered him to skip bathes, separate from his wife (sexually), and give up soft drinks until He tells him otherwise. The Lord (allegedly) told Pastor Olagunji that he would be able to see things clearer.

Check out this interview with City People Magazine via News 2 Online Nigeria.

Whats up with these Pastors dropping dead in church?? Here's another "man of the cloth" tragedy.

According to "The Christian Post," Bishop Bobby Davis passed away at the Miracle Faith World Outreach Church in Bridgeport, Connecticut after confessing to an affair that happened many years ago.

The Bishop told his wife of 50 years, Christine Davis, of his infidelity in the privacy of their own home. Afterwards, Mrs. Davis demanded that Bishop Davis confess his affair to his church members also. THIS is when all hell breaks loose!

This is a truly devastating story. America's most beloved Pastor, Bishop Joel Osteen, is not at happy camper right now. According to The Christian Post, $600,000 was stolen from a safe at The Lakewood Church in Houston. 

Now investigators are saying that this act was more than likely carried out by an "inside" person like a church employee, usher or deacon that collected the offering that weekend.

A representative of the church released THIS statement about the tragic event.


I'm trying my best to understand Tina Campbell of the Gospel-singing duo Mary Mary. As you all know, she revealed to the media last year that her husband of 12 years was unfaithful while she was on the road....making money. 

Not only was she being cheated on severely, but she was never TOLD the truth. She "found out" that he had been unfaithful with a good family friend. 

Although the grits hit the pan when the news broke, Tina opted to stay in her marriage and give her husband another chance. I respect her decision, but this recent CNikky interview makes me question her way of thinking at this time.

Mrs. Campbell says that she "assume full responsibility" for her husband's lustful ways. Oh yea, she tried. These are some excerpts from CNikky.com.

It's finally released! Remember last month we posted the making of Gospel singer Erica Campbell's new music video "Help?" Well, the finished product was released this week. We have to say that the wait was worth it. 

 The video is beautiful with the wind-blowing action of Erica's hair. And of course lil Krista, the oldest child of Erica and producing hubby Warryn Campbell, was rocking a very child-appropriate leather jacket with her bouncy black hair. 

And let's not forget the SUPER FINE Stellar Award-winning rapper LeCrae, who also makes a guest appearance in the video. This dude is flawless vocally AND physically. The entire video was well directed by the best in the business, Billie Woodruff. There's one more person who also makes a cameo in "Help," but I'll let you see it for yourself. I WILL tell you he's at the very end. I'm gonna stop talking now and allow you guys to see the project for yourselves. Here's the second release from Erica's forthcoming solo cd entitled "Help!" Enjoy. 

As a new season of WeTv's reality show Mary Mary approaches, Erica continues to be hard at work promoting her debut solo album entitled "Help!" 

The Grammy-nominated singer has finally released the second single from her cd, which happens to be the title track. This joint isn't like ANYTHING you guys have heard before! Hubby/producer Warryn Campbell is known for creating original tunes, and this song is no different. 

Recently, Erica shot the video for "Help!" and actually recorded the making of it. Celebrated music director Billiy Woodruff directed the project and Gospel hip-hop artist LeCrae offered  his vocals to the track as well. 

 Peep this exciting footage here and watch out for a few adorable Campbells walking around:)

You go girl! Gospel singer Damita Haddon announced today that she is officially engaged to cutie-patootie photographer to the stars Reuben Chandler. 

You all may know the "No Looking Back" singer as the ex wife of "Preachers of LA" star Minister Deitrick Haddon. The two ended their marriage after infidelity on both sides. 

Dietrick also shared some huge news as well today. He and new wifey, Dominique, welcomed a second daughter. I wonder did Damita choose this day to take some of the shine away from her philandering ex hubby. If she did, I can't be too mad at her.

Oh yea, I know you guys are wondering what the new man in Damita's life looks like? Did she upgrade or downgrade in the looks department? I'll let y'all be the judge of that. 

Well this child, pictured with his Grandmother, is one who we did not know existed until recently. Though his Mother has never been named, his Dad is known all over the world as a gospel icon. 

The singer is becoming more open about his relationship with his son. In an exclusive interview with TBN, he said that he saw having a child out of wedlock as a personal failure. He quickly explains that he does NOT regret his son at all, and that he's a true blessing. 

Okay. I gave you all a freebie. The mystery gospel singer is not married, so this means that he's a single father. Give up? Scroll down to learn the identity if this cayuuuute kid! 

Beloved Gospel singing icon Fred Hammond is recovering beautifully from his double knee replacement surgery.

The Detroit native, who recently turned 53, has shared his experience on every social media website out there. Perhaps this is why we are so crazy about our dear Freddy. He doesn't mind allowing his many fans into his world.....be it bad or good. 

 Mr. Hammond wrote a heartfelt message on his personal Facebook page. This is what he posted for all of his loved ones to read. He talks about the blessings that are bestowed upon him....even from a hospital bed.

It seems like Mary Mary is in the news once again.....well at least one of them. Erica Campbell has enjoyed monster success with her Summer smash hit "A Little More Jesus." 

The catchy tune and radio-friendly tune is the first single from her debut solo album Erica Campbell. The art cover was released recently, and let me tell ya.....it caused a lil bit of chaos in the world of Gospel music. It's pretty much the ol' school Christians against the new world Christians "so to speak." 

 The Christian website Americanpreachers.com has published quite a few comments about the attire that Ms. Campbell is wearing on the front of the album. The Mom of 3 is beautiful in a white, form-fitting dress tailor-made especially for her. But y'all can see for yourselves.


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