Court Rules Jahi McMath To Stay On Life Support Until Next Tuesday.


Welp! Jahi McMath’s family is still fighting tirelessly for their little angel. For those of you who aren’t familiar with the “Jahi McMath” case, allow me to bring you up to speed. Thirteen year old Jahi McMath was admitted to an Oakland hospital on December where she was to undergo a tonsillectomy.

Jahi was diagnosed with sleep apnea, so doctors recommended that the child’s tonsils, adenoids, and excessive sinus tissue, be removed in the hopes that she would sleep better at night. As McMath was being wheeled off to the operating room, she told her family that she no longer wanted to go through with the procedure because she felt that she would not wake up from anesthesia.

Ultimately the surgery was performed and the little girl was alert enough to ask for a popsicle to sooth her scratchy throat. Shortly after asking for the ice cream, Jahi started bleeding profusely from her nose and mouth. She then went into cardiac arrest.


Jahi was immediately hooked up to a ventilator were she continues to be attached to today. The Oakland Hospital has declared the little girl brain dead and has asked the judge to give them permission to take the life support away.The spokesperson for the hospital, Sam Singer, released this statement to the public yesterday.
“No amount of prayer, no amount of hope, no amount of any type of medical procedure will bring her back,” Singer said Monday. “The medical situation here in this case is that Jahi McMath died several weeks ago. There has been some limited conversation between the hospital’s attorney and the family’s attorney, but that’s a privileged communication and I have no update on behalf of the hospital at this moment, other than to say our hearts, our sympathy, go out to this family and the young woman’s body on the respirator at this hospital.”
Can y’all believe what this idiot spokesperson said?? “No amount of prayer is gonna help”?I beg to differ Mr. Singer. Miracles happen everyday. Jahi McMath is a blessing to her family and carried a ray if sunshine everywhere. If this was MY loved one, I would fight until the very end.

A judge has ruled that the hospital extends the life support treatment until January 7th at 5pm (8pm eastern time). Personally I recommend that the McMath family investigate those shady doctors who operated on Jahi. It sounds suspect that a little 13 year old would start bleeding uncontrollably after a simple tonsillectomy. 

 The McMath family claims to be in talks with a New York facility who are willing and able to take little Jahi in. Jahi’s mom and uncle recently sat down with CNN to share more of their horrific tragedy.
There are many people who are heavily supporting the McMath family during this trying ordeal. Prayers are needed, but money is too! If you would like to donate to the Jahi McMath fund, go to In the past three days, the trust has risen to WAY over $37,000. Jahi seems like a child who is full of energy, positivity, and spunk. If anybody can come back from the brink of death, it would be her. On behalf of YWK?!, we want to ask our viewers to keep Jahi McMath in your thoughts and prayers.

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