Comatose Patient Jahi McMath’s Mom Says Daughter Is Alive & Responding To Commands…


Three years ago 12 year old Jahi McMath entered the hospital to have a simple tonsillectomy done. No one would have guessed that she would be in this condition today.

As we reported before, Jahi never recovered from the anesthesia and continues to be in a come being cared for at a long term nursing home.

Jahi’s Mother Nailah Winkfield is still holding out hope that her baby is not brain dead and will wake up eventually. She’s even saying Jahi is making motions with her hands on demand. Check out the video on the Keep Jahi Mcmath Alive Facebook Page.


Watch video here.

What do you guys think? Is this just the body reacting involuntarily, or is Jahi understanding the voice of her Mom?


Jahi recently celebrated her 15th birthday where family and friends were by her bedside. It’s obvious she’s loved by many and is steadily being lifted up in prayer. Her Mom recently thanked all of the outpouring of love and support shown to her daughter and gave shade to all of the naysayers.  She even posted a mailing address where people could send birthday cards and gifts.


“Here is a picture of Jahi, with her hair braided yesterday, ready for her birthday, tomorrow. Who said God isn’t Great, Yes He Is.‘They’ said she was ‘dead, dead, dead’, ‘they’ said she won’t last long and that she would start deteriorating, ‘they’ claimed she was just going to last a few weeks, or maximum few months before her organs stop working. Who are ‘they’? Just mere human beings, who will keep learning each new day, that there is He Who Is Greater than ‘they’. God the Creator, our Creator. He, who has the last say so. He, who created us mere human beings. He, who is the Author of our lives, and decides when we our born, and when it is our time to go. Jahi McMath, He has you here for a reason and here you will stay, on earth, healing and helping make those who do not believe aware that there is a GOD greater than ‘they’. Tomorrow is her 15th Birthday, feel free to send her a card to:
Jahi McMath
P O Box 5657
NJ 08875
Or, simply post your prayers and love to her on here tomorrow, she deserves all the love and prayers she can get. 
Happy Birthday Sweet Jahi, may you live to see many many more years and keep healing as He has written out your life, and ACCORDING TO HIS WORD, YOU SHALL LIVE.”

This is our girl Jahi, second from the left, with 4 of her running buddies. Hopefully we will see her alive and vibrant again! (Photo credit: Facebook)

Certified Neonatologist and Pediatrician Dr Paul A. Byrne happens to agree with Jahi’s Mom about the state of her daughter. Byrne fully believes she’s alive and will tell anyone who will listen. He visited the little girl over a year ago and later expressed his thoughts about her present and future status to


“Paul Adam Byrne, Ohio resident, Pediatrician, Board Certified Neonatalogist continues to state firmly and clearly that Jahi McMath was alive at the time of the Oakland Children’s Hospital declaration of brain death. She is alive today. She will need time, nourishment, loving care along with protection from those who would still seek to take her life. Jahi is alive. 
While on a visit to the Oakland, Ca. area Dr. Byrne spoke on 3/6/2014, to a group in Contra Costa County, California, presenting medical, legal and biological facts showing clearly and unequivocally why he has the knowledge and medical authority to state that which should be to everyone, the obvious and simple truths of life and death.
According to Dr. Byrne who visited withJahi McMath and with her family, at the time that Jahi was declared brain dead and placed on a ventilator, due to severe bleeding problems following tonsillectomy surgery for apnea (breathing and sleeping) problems, the mother was approached by an organ transplant team pressing the mother to sign a form releasing Jahi to the transplant team for organ removal.
The hospital stated publicly that Jahi’s body was only remaining warm because they had a warming blanket on her. Dr. Byrne says that after she was removed from the hospital, Jahi continued to be warmed first by three blankets, then two blankets, then only one blanket is all she now needs to keep warm. Her body is doing its work. She is receiving nutrition and medications.”

Well he’s certainly a believer, huh? What do y’all think? Is Jahi actually “alive”? If she was your child, what would you do?

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8 thoughts on “Comatose Patient Jahi McMath’s Mom Says Daughter Is Alive & Responding To Commands…

    1. It’s so sad. Just think. This child entered the hospital for a simple tonsillectomy. Obviously the mom feels there is hope for her baby. Maybe she knows something we don’t Jen.

      1. It was NOT a simple tonsillectomy. It was a very complex procedure to treat sleep apnea, and Ma was well aware of the risks. The child has been dead for 2 years and the family are using the dead body as a cash cow.

      2. It was not simple and the mother is a lying grifter that spent the GoFundMe cash on designer shoes, handbags and expensive wine. Jahi is dead and is only hooked up to a ventilator until there is a cash payout.

      3. exactly what Hekate and Julie said! That mother knows her child is dead! BUT she wants to sue for millions and not for $250k. Before you report on any story–a little logic would go a long way! IF that mother actually believed that Jahi was alive why isn’t she asking for a hospital admit and the CORRECT tests to be run so she can prove it? Paul Byrnes isn’t fit to care for a flea medically…..but yet she chooses him instead of a REAL Dr. with the proper credentials and training to determine life. Why do you think that is? Logic common sense and a bit of reality would help anyone who is reporting a story–me thinks you need to get your facts straight!

  1. Jahi died almost 2 years ago. Byrne is a certified quack and always has been. The video is no confirmed by any medical professional, it is undated and no one is clear if it is reflexes or if someone is moving the fingers either by TENS unit or pushing the fingertips which are hidden from the camera. And the scam goes on…

  2. Why is this posted under ‘celebrity and entertainment news’? Oh and btw, you can clearly see the cable that controls the tens unit that is making Jahi’s hand move. Jahi is dead, not in a coma. Shoddy reporting at its worst.

  3. Wow! How could ANY mother have her brain dead child lying in a nursing home bed for 2 years and on top of that, making a spectacle for all the world to see!? I am a mother, I get it, she may not want to let go. But I am seeing what everyone else in this forum sees, she is holding on for reasons of greed and fame! This is disgusting. If the girl was actually giving any sign of communication, my thoughts lean towards what any human being who has been lying in a bed, unable to move, speak, or see who and what surrounds her for almost 800 days. (As I said..IF she was attempting to communicate) She would probably be screaming, “Let Me GO!” Think about it, how selfish this mother is even without the lawsuit and Go Fund Me page, she would not want to lay in that bed for 2 years and have millions of people gawking at her! I could vomit to show my feelings on this sad & tragic situation! It is going to escalate and backfire in this mother’s face! Watch how karma works. She is going to keep it up until her court date is for criminal charges against HERSELF for FRAUD! They may even start looking for loopholes to stop the entire charade and allow this poor girl to FINALLY be in peace!!

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