A Member Of R&B Group Next Accused Of Beating Pregnant Wife!


Welp! I guess she got “Too Close.” Have y’all heard this one? Raphael “Tweet” Brown, a member of the uber sexy 90’s singing group Next, is in a lil bit of trouble. Over the weekend, his estranged wifey, Juliette Gil-Brow, accused him of beating on her and brutalizing their 4 year old daughter as well.

Oh yea. Did I tell you that Ms. Brow is preggers with their son? We’re hoping these allegations aren’t true, because there’s nothing worse than a guy terrorizing his wife and child.

Yesterday Tweet decided to come forth to clear his name. And of course he denied all of the claims and seemed very passionate about it. Now in a statement, the singer said that he in fact DID verbally abused his children’s Mom. However, he adamantly denies any kind of physical altercation.

Tweet’s Statement…

“I never kicked her in her stomach when she was pregnant with our son, who’s now 10 years of age, nor when she wasn’t with child. I never punched my ex-wife in the face, I’ve never grabbed my ex-wife by her neck or pushed her to the floor. I have peace in my life and I have moved on. That chapter is closed and I want her to respect my position and do what’s best for our children.”
Now although Gil-Brow filed a restraining order against Brown, it seems like SHE’S the one who’s borderline obsessive. Here’s a heartfelt tweet she sent to her Baby daddy….aaawwwww.“You’re a dirty n****. All you have to do is provide food and shelter for your children and you don’t. #divorce.You are the reason n***as are dying of AIDS. Your lifestyle is to blame.”

Mmmmm….interesting. She sounds a lil bitter to me. On the other hand, things must have been going well 7-9 months ago because they went half on a baby. Clearly Tweet was giving this girl mixed signals.Hopefully these two will master the art of co-parenting and getting along for the kids’ sake. We’ll be keeping y’all in the know.

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