Chicago Teen Is Found In Freezer…. Was It Murder Or An Accident? You Decide.


I know you guys have heard about the 19 year old who was found dead in a hotel dead in a hotel freezer exactly a week ago today. There are so many sides to this story y’all. Most of the folk around Chicago (and everywhere else for that matter) are some saying that the victim, Chi-town native Kenneka Jenkins, was killed and thrown in the freezer. However, there are a few people who say “hey”, this was a deadly accident, plain and simple.” They think the young girl was trying to find her way back to where she had came, or to find an exit. If she was heavily intoxicated, this would have been a lil tricky to accomplish.¬†Both theories about this young lady’s death is probable, this is why we decided to post 2 videos of people with two VERY different opinions.

The first video is of a Chicago city social activist named Andrew Holmes who is familiar with the case and says he actually saw footage of Jenkins walking into the freezer. Mr. Holmes claims that he viewed the hotel’s security cam with authorities (per the deceased family’s request), and finds fault with Crown Plaza.

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Mmmmm. Mr. Holmes sounds pretty convincing. I mean, he’s lost a daughter himself. Why would he cover up facts and evidence with Chicago’s finest? This is what a lot of people all across the country are accusing Holmes of doing. The only problem I have with the activist’s testimony is the “walking into the freezer” statement. We have yet to see any kind of film of this child walking into a freezer of any kind.


Now…the next point of view is of a young woman who calls herself NiNi 2 Times on youtube. Her posts have been going viral because she seems to have some pretty strong and factual-sounding opinions. In this video, she says that some young man who she talked to recently had the inside scoop of what happened that fateful night. I don’t know whether its true or not, but the details he gives are mind-blowing. Oh. Let me warn y’all. Our girl has a very colorful vocabulary….meaning she uses profanity ALOT. If you are sensitive to it, then you might want to keep scrolling down. *Viewer Discretion Is Strongly Advised*

Wooh! My ears are burning after all of that. Well….what are y’all thinking? I have to say that some of the things she spoke had a ring of truth laced in it. Most of the people in that tiny hotel KNOW what happened to Kenneka and refuse to tell the cops. Heck. Maybe NiNi 2 Times should go to the police and tell them what this young man told her instead of posting it on social media. Sure. Investigators will probably dismiss it as here say, but at least they will have a starting point, right?


The last few videos are all about Kenneka. These are clips of the surveillance cameras that the policemen have finally released. Mr. Holmes was right. Jenkins seems to be alone in the footage and appears to be severely intoxicated with something stronger than your average alcohol.

This video of Kenneka staggering all over the place tears my heart in TWO. And again….there’s no sign of her walking inside of a freezer. I guess we all will have to wait for the results of the autopsy and toxicology reports to get answers. The entire story seems shady to me though. The two friends, Monifah and Irene, need to be thoroughly interrogated by the proper authorities. Kenneka’s Mom says that the times she’s asked questions about the last minutes of her daughter’s life, the girls’ stories changed. Hopefully this family will gain closure and justice for their loved one. Jenkins’ Mother is going through cancer and recently endured surgery, so we pray complete healing for her body and soul.


Rest in peace Kenneka.



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