Artist In The Making: Michael Jackson’s Former Pet, Bubbles The Chimp, Is Now A Celebrated Painter.

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I’m sure that today we are all reminiscing on the King of Pop, Michael Jackson. On this day, Michael would have been celebrating his 59th birthday. I decided to keep the theme of the day going and post a cute story about one of his most cherished friends back in the day. Do y’all remember Bubbles the chimpanzee? Michael had to eventually give him up because he was getting to big to handle. Eventually the chimp settled down at an ape sanctuary in Florida. Now, the King of Pop’s former companion is making a name for himself as an up and coming artist. Bubbles is actually selling his work for hundreds and hundreds of dollars.

Recently the chimp made a killing at a Miami showing. Here’s some of the pieces he sold.

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The Sun

“Bubbles has sold five of his paintings for £577 ($750) each to raise cash for his ape sanctuary.

Twelve of his pictures – all labelled ‘Untitled’ – went on display at an exhibition in Miami, USA.

They joined around 50 other paintings produced by his primate pals – including Planet of the Apes stars.

Bubbles, 34, is raising money for the Center for Great Apes in Wauchula, Florida.

The King of Pop’s former friend is the oldest resident at the home, which costs £1.5million a year to run.

Art gallery director Yansi Meoqui said: “They were incredibly popular and certainly show a very individual style.

“We usually get a lot of fine art lovers into our gallery but there were a real mix of people to see these works.

Some are serious art collectors.

“Others are folk who just like chimps.””

Bubbles Work….

bubbles art3bubbles art2bubbles

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Well?? It’s not a master piece, but its still inspirational.

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I would have never guessed that Bubbles had this sort of talent inside of him. The fact that this animal has the knowledge to pick up a paint brush and draw his thoughts on paper is astounding. $1.5 million is a great deal of many to acquire every year to keep a business open. Hopefully Bubbles’ paintings will gain more fame and will become more in demand in the upcoming years. The Center For Great Apes deserves to stay open as long as possible. I’m so proud of Bubbles and all of the good work he’s doing in his community. Michael would have been extremely proud of his baby.

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Now! Let’s celebrate Bubbles and his Dad with one of the music videos they starred in together. Here’s Michael Jackson’s classic “Leave Me Alone.”


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