She Tried It. Kevin Hart’s Rib (Eniko) Claims She Didn’t Break Up Her Hubby & His Ex’s Marriage. Of Course Torrei Set The Record Straight.

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Actor/comedian Kevin Hart is known for flaunting his new wife Eniko and their growing family on social media. He’s always saying how happy he is with his rib (nickname for his wife Eniko) and is always posting cute lil pics of his adorable family. A few days ago Eniko and Kevin celebrated their one year wedding anniversary. The mommy-to-be posted a sweet lil message about being grateful to God for finding him. Of course, this lead to different people on social media calling her a “homewrecker.” Sooooo. The present Mrs. Hart took the time to address those nasty rumors…implying that the former Mrs. Hart and Kevin’s marriage was doomed before she arrived.

Torrei couldn’t let this bit of information slide without a response, so she clapped back.

First, let’s take a peek at some excerpts of Eniko’s post.


“Their marriage was broken way before I came in the picture. They were separated, living in separate homes. I was never a secret. She knew that as well. Don’t believe the hype.”

It’s no problem at all {though}. I’m basically immune to it now. Those rumors were spread from her years ago because she wanted to play the victim and not own up to her wrong doings as well. Singled me out as the mistress because we stuck…Knowing damn well there were other women during their marriage. But I never wrecked any home. That was never the case, and people ran with it. Only WE know how it really went down.”


Here’s Torrei’s response….

“[N]ormally I don’t feed into this, but when you addressed me, you forced my hand to respond. We have made successful strides to become a loving co-parenting family, but you have now left it open for my character to be questioned. You, Kevin and I know the truth. I offer this simple solution to your ‘ig comments problems’ either respond truthfully or don’t respond at all. Thank you for considering my advice,” Torrei wrote.”



But the former Mrs. Hart didn’t stop there. Here’s a video that was posted after a TMZ reporter asked her about the feud with her ex’s wife.

Speak on that girl! You betta set the record straight. Why would Eniko bring up old stuff if she’s obviously happy in her current life. The best thing for homegirl to do is to keep her hubby’s ex wife’s name out her mouth. Eniko has the ring, she has the baby (on the way), and she’s living out her dream with the man she loves. What more could she possibly need….besides a faithful husband??

And now, y’all are officially in the know!



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