Stage Play “A Woman’s Gotta Do What A Woman’s Gotta Do” Makes Its Way To Fayetteville!

widu_play_subWho doesn’t love a well-written stage play? Here’s a story that’s sure to entertain for a few hours. “A Woman’s Gotta Do What A Woman’s Gotta Do” will be showing in Fayetteville on Monday October 6th.

Here’s a snippet of the play.

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Friday Night Dessert Alert: The Chocolate City Film Is FINALLY In Production!

Chocolate-City-Movie-10We posted a story on the upcoming film “Chocolate City” a while back. Remember? The film is almost a black version of “Magic Mike.”

The all star sexual and sensual line-up is putting their abs on BLAST. As we reported before, Master P.’s son Romeo Miller was all set to play the leading role as the church boy who turned to skripping to make ends meet. But now, it appears that Miller was replaced by “One On One” actor Robert Ri’chard.

The rest of the cast includes Tyson Beckford, Vivica Fox, Ginuwine, Darrin Dewitt, Michael Jai White, Carmen Electra, and Love & Hip Hop’s Bambi.

Here’s some eye candy from us to y’all.

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Chris Tucker Starts Dating This Anchorwoman Immediately After This Interview.

23950798_BG1Our friend Chris Tucker has been in the news lately because of the deathly debt he owes the IRS. The “Friday” actor is $14 million in the red. Fortunately, our Uncle Sam has been in a good mood as of late. Chris was able to work out a deal with our fair government.

Now, it looks as though Tucker is concentrating on his person life. Topping the list is Atlanta’s sexiest anchorwoman, Cynne Simpson.

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Ja’Rule And Family Invades MTV W/ New Reality Show “Follow The Rules.”

Coming-to-MTV-Ja-Rules-Family-Reality-Show-Follow-The-RulesCongrats to rapper and newly-released prisoner Ja Rule on his reality show being picked up by MTV. The family project is centered around the husband and father of 2, who tries to lead by example in his household.

Its almost like VH1′s “T.I. & Tiny: Family Hustle”, with a lil more spice.  The cast includes Ja, his wife Aisha, their three children and both Aisha’s and Ja’s mothers.

This is what Mr. Atkins said at the press release for the show.

“I am truly honored and excited to be partnering with MTV and 51 Minds. Family tradition will never be the same, b*tch!”

MTV describes the show in this short synopsis.


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Are Sherri Shepherd & Johnny Gill The Newest Couple In Tinseltown??

johnnysherriHave y’all heard the latest on ex View host Sherri Shepherd? No, the new info has nothing to do with her thirsty extranged husband or new baby. This is totally a STUNNER. My my my are the only 3 words to come to mind.

Different media sources are claiming that the newly single Shepherd has moved on to a more sultry and slicker romeo. His name is Mr. Johnny “Rub You The Right Way” Gill.

Check out what a close friend of Sherri shared with….exclusively.

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Happy 2-Year Anniversary To The Most Beautiful Couple In The World! Kudos To Keri & Ibaka.

Keri-Hilson-and-Serge-Ibaka-4We have been hearing a lot about mighty couple Keri Hilson and Serge Ibaka. It wasn’t long ago when the “Pretty Girl Rock” singer was clapping back at all of the female fans who were pushing up on her boo via twitter. Remember?? She sent out this cute lil tweet saying………

“Why do girls think it’s cute to vie for the attention of a taken man? Why don’t they feel hoe-ish? When did this become acceptable?” 

She went on to say……..

“Did ALL the rules go out the window w/ social media? Don’t we have more respect for OURSELVES, if not for other women? And relationships?”

Lastly she shared THIS…….

“Meanwhile, that man AND his girlfriend are laughing at your thirsty ass–together. That’s what you need to know. Have a little self-respect.”

Oh yea. Homegirl don’t play about HER man. In all fairness, Ibaka hasn’t married her yet. So, many of his “thirsty groupies” see him as fair game. However, the couple are still happy after 2 years of dating. Keri took to social media yesteday to share with the world how much she loves her fine Spanish fly.

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Who’s My Mommy And Daddy??

rah baeAint I adorable? I made a name for himself before I was born. You see, my Mom and Dad were going through a lot of “infidelity issues” during the time of my conception. All of the drama unfolded on reality television.

After I was delivered, my Papa CONTINUED to have doubts about whether or not he was the natural father of me. Blood tests would later prove that he IS my pappy!

Any guesses on who my parents are?

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Miss Ke Ke Palmer Has A New Look! Are We Feeling It??

Keke+Palmer+Premiere+Screen+Gems+Easy+Arrivals+F6zlTjvogs1lMiss Ke Ke Palmer is a pretty busy bee indeed. The 21 year old is starring in Cinderella Broadway, is hosting a brand new talk show on BET, and is working on a brand new album.

In the midst of all of this chaos, she STILL has time to change up the style. Miss Palmer has recently debuted a new hairstyle that the fans on chiming in on now. Ke Ke is sporting a short cut with a lil bump to the edges.

This is a style that may have to grow on us a bit, but you guys should judge for yourselves. Check out the new do!

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