Sad Summer Baby Story: 19 Month Old Dies After Being Stuck In Mom’s SUV Window.


baby 5The sad, Summer stories involving cars and kids keep circulating. This time, the incident happened in Shreveport, Louisiana.

Single mother Deunka Lynch  says she witnessed the most heartbroken scenario a parent could ever imagine. As she parked her SUV and turned the ignition off, the window began to roll up. Unfortunately her 19 month old baby boy’s head was hanging out the window when the malfunction happened.

This is what the officer, Michael Gillie, reported to from the scene.

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“People” Can Be So Cruel: The Magazine Releases A “Racist” Tweet During Viola Davis’ “How To Get Away With Murder.”

how_to_get_away_with_murder1This really irks us. How many of y’all watched the new Viola Davis series “How To Get Away With Murder” last week? Well the new drama raked in huge ratings. And there was quite a buzz on all social media outlets…..including Twitter.

People Magazine is in a world of trouble over a tweet that was sent out during the premiere of “HTGAWM.” This post left many of us feeling a tad bit uneasy and heated.

Check out what this trifling publication said about Ms. Davis.

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Are You Kiddin’? Victim Of Cali Highway Patrol Beating Agrees To How Much For A Settlement??

marlene-pinnock-nbc4-interviewThis story is rather disappointing to say the least. You all remember the video we posted back in July showing a California Highway white patrol man beating an unarmed African American woman to a pulp?

Well unfortunately Daniel L. Andrews will not be disciplined adequately for his crime. However, he was fired from the force and is barred from working in any precinct.

Of course this is not a harsh enough punishment for Andrews who repeatedly punched this lady in the face. This maniac needs to spend some quality time in a jail cell with Bubba.

But the most disturbing result to come out of this case is the settlement received by the victim, Marlene Pinnock.

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Fair East Side Students Sing Their Alma Mater’s Song 25 Years Later!

east sideOur friends over at Dish Nation gave us a treat this week! The fellas from the 1989 movie “Lean On Me” visited Ricky Smiley and the gang and blessed them with their famous tune….”Dear Old East Side High.”

And we gotta say, that the boys look and sound fantastic.

Here’s the clip here……

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These Wives Aint Loyal: Randy “Dawg” Jackson’s Wife of 18 Years Files For Divorce.

randy_jackson_and_erika_riker_image2And the beat goes on. TMZ broke the news yesterday that American Idol judge/mentor Randy Jackson will soon be a single man. Jackson’s wife of 18 years, Erika Jackson, filed legal papers for a divorce.

Sources around the couple say that this split comes as a complete shock to them AND RANDY. Here’s what TMZ is reporting.

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Divorcing Is In Style: America’s Cooking Sweet Hearts The Neelys Are Headed To Splitsville.

neelys-860This week has produced a tsunami of star break ups. The latest couple to be hit by the “divorce” bug is our favorite cooking lovebirds…..THE NEELYS! Gina and Pat, who are both chefs and were hosts of their own Food Network show, announced their disolution of marriage today. Both sides claim the separation was amicable, but something seems a lil “off”.

Check out what Jackson Mississippi’s WLBT shared about the shocking split.

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Still Gettin’ A Ticket! Miami Woman Arrested After Placing Baby In Car Trunk Before Traffic Stop.

breona watkinsWhen we think we’ve heard it all, there’s another crazy story that appears. A 19 year old teen Mom was arrested earlier this week for a form of child abuse.

She didn’t hit her 5 month old, but she “hid” the baby. According to the Sun Sentinel, Breona Watkins had no intentions of getting a ticket from the cops just because she had no car seat for her child. Instead…..she went with another approach.

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Enough Already: Sherri Shepherd’s Disgruntled Ex Hubby Says He And Newborn Are On Welfare!

uuuuuIf you all thought that Lamar Sally would just lay down and die after divorcing Sherri Shepherd, then you were SADLY mistaken. This dude is talking to every celebrity/media website that will listen. Now, he’s claiming to be struggling financially and has been forced to accept government assistance.

Sherri is standing her ground, and is refusing to give financial support to an ex spouse who deceived her. The former talk show host/actress says she knew NOTHING about the surrogacy.

This is what Lamar told Daily Mail in a very lengthy interview. We’ll give you the highlights via YBF. The best thing to come out of this extended conference call were some photos of Lamar Sally Jr. shared by his proud Papa. He is adorable!

Check out some of the outrageous things he had to say about “baby mama” though.

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Former “Next” Lead Singer RL Wants Us To Know He Is NOT BROKE!

rl5Some people talk too much. Popular lead singer of the R&B MAN group Next, RL, wants to set the record straight about his finances.

Its been going around that the “Butta Love” singer is FLAT BROKE after filing bankruptcy earlier in the month. Some reports suggested that RL only had $50 to his name, and was also a deadbeat Dad.

This is a lil snippet of a Jasmine Brand article talking about RL’s financial woes.

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It Must Be The Water: Jordin Sparks & Jason Derulo Is The Latest Celeb Couple To Call It Quits.

2014 MTV Video Music Awards - ArrivalsWe hate to be the barrier of bad news, but this seems to be the only type of news to report lately.

According to People Magazine, one of our cutest celebrity couples are no more. American Idol alum Jordin Sparks and her “dirty talking” boyfriend Jason Derulo has ended their 3 year relationship amicably.

This is a snippet from reported.

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