She’s Here! “Annabelle” Hits Theaters World Wide On Friday (Oct. 3rd).

Annabelle-2014-Movie-PosterThe trailer is enough to get your juices flowing. Demonic antique doll Annabelle looks as though she’s had a hard-knocked life. She could scare all of us with just her looks alone. But we’re told that this girl gives a stellar performance in this pre-Halloween thriller.


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You Betta WEEERRRKKK EJ!!!! Our Fav Queen Of Beverly Hills Updates Us With Steady Weight Loss.

ej before“Rich Kids Of Beverly Hills” breakout star, EJ Johnson, is looking fabulous and fit these days. The 22 year old son of basketball royalty Magic Johnson and wife Cookie announced (via RKOBH) that he would be undergoing a weight loss surgery to assist him in losing some lbs.

The darling diva received the gastric sleeve surgery back in early August, right after filming his reality show.

Let us just say that the surgery has been effective and is giving our Mr. EJ all SORTS of fierceness. This is what he shared with E News about his procedure.

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French Montana Desperately Tries To Win Khloe K. Back. He’s Officially Divorced From Dean.

062614french12shNow if this doesn’t show Khloe that French is serious about their relationship, then we don’t know what will. The Moroccon rapper became a free man today after legalizing his divorce from long-time wife and baby mama Dean Kharbouch.

No doubt this was a huge step in winning back his main girl (and money-maker) Khloe Kardashian, who kicked him to the curb earlier this month.

But we believe Ms. Kharbouch is laughing all the way to the bank.

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The NFL Strikes Again! The League Is Penalizing A Kansas Chief Player For Praying On The Field??

husainThe NFL is in need of some major prayer these days. That’s why we have a hard time believing THIS story.

Apparently a Kansas City player is in trouble for kneeling down to pray after a touchdown. The Chief’s safety,Husein Abdullah, was penalized 15 yards Monday night because of this simple acknowledgement of the Lord.

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You Officers Are Going To Hell! Pittsburg Police Tasers Pastor While He Prays Over Stepson.

Rev_-BaldwinAnother bad cop/bad cop to report to y’all. This time, its Pittsburg’s Finest in the hot seat this time.

Two years ago, 23 year old Mileek Grissom was shot and rushed to UPMC Mercy hospital.

Grissom’s family was called, and the first person to arrive was his stepfather Reverend Earl Baldwin Jr. The Reverend claims that he knew his son was dead, but he still needed to say and do certain things for him.

He placed his head next to his stepson’s and cried, prayed, and relayed to him that he will take care of the family. What happens next is pure-t hateful.

First! We’re gonna send it over to our friends over at WPXI.

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Sad Summer Baby Story: 19 Month Old Dies After Being Stuck In Mom’s SUV Window.


baby 5The sad, Summer stories involving cars and kids keep circulating. This time, the incident happened in Shreveport, Louisiana.

Single mother Deunka Lynch  says she witnessed the most heartbroken scenario a parent could ever imagine. As she parked her SUV and turned the ignition off, the window began to roll up. Unfortunately her 19 month old baby boy’s head was hanging out the window when the malfunction happened.

This is what the officer, Michael Gillie, reported to from the scene.

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“People” Can Be So Cruel: The Magazine Releases A “Racist” Tweet During Viola Davis’ “How To Get Away With Murder.”

how_to_get_away_with_murder1This really irks us. How many of y’all watched the new Viola Davis series “How To Get Away With Murder” last week? Well the new drama raked in huge ratings. And there was quite a buzz on all social media outlets…..including Twitter.

People Magazine is in a world of trouble over a tweet that was sent out during the premiere of “HTGAWM.” This post left many of us feeling a tad bit uneasy and heated.

Check out what this trifling publication said about Ms. Davis.

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Are You Kiddin’? Victim Of Cali Highway Patrol Beating Agrees To How Much For A Settlement??

marlene-pinnock-nbc4-interviewThis story is rather disappointing to say the least. You all remember the video we posted back in July showing a California Highway white patrol man beating an unarmed African American woman to a pulp?

Well unfortunately Daniel L. Andrews will not be disciplined adequately for his crime. However, he was fired from the force and is barred from working in any precinct.

Of course this is not a harsh enough punishment for Andrews who repeatedly punched this lady in the face. This maniac needs to spend some quality time in a jail cell with Bubba.

But the most disturbing result to come out of this case is the settlement received by the victim, Marlene Pinnock.

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Fair East Side Students Sing Their Alma Mater’s Song 25 Years Later!

east sideOur friends over at Dish Nation gave us a treat this week! The fellas from the 1989 movie “Lean On Me” visited Ricky Smiley and the gang and blessed them with their famous tune….”Dear Old East Side High.”

And we gotta say, that the boys look and sound fantastic.

Here’s the clip here……

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These Wives Aint Loyal: Randy “Dawg” Jackson’s Wife of 18 Years Files For Divorce.

randy_jackson_and_erika_riker_image2And the beat goes on. TMZ broke the news yesterday that American Idol judge/mentor Randy Jackson will soon be a single man. Jackson’s wife of 18 years, Erika Jackson, filed legal papers for a divorce.

Sources around the couple say that this split comes as a complete shock to them AND RANDY. Here’s what TMZ is reporting.

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