In the wee hours of the morning, gospel singer Fred Hammond talked to his fans and loved ones via facebook. The Grammy award-winning artist asked for prayers because he will be enduring a procedure today.

His facebook message is touching and very revealing. Hammond is usually private about his personal life, but the "Glory To God" singer has chosen to reach out. Here's his story...in his own words.

"It’s 3:47am friday the 18th of january and in a few hours around 10:30am I’m going to have a procedure done on
my legs to see if I’m a candidate to have another procedure that will relieve
and correct the chronic pain I’ve been living with for over 10 years. This issue
is hereditary and was passed on me so I’m praying I’m candidate.

To walk or stand for any length of time has been excruciating, especially on stage or a
pulpit for over an hour, by the time i finish BLESSED I almost need a wheelchair
but I got waaaay to much pride for that lol."

 Or the things most take for granted like a walk through hood or the Sub or park, Grocery shopping,( yes i still do
it sometime), or getting out of low chair, riding in a car for more then 15 min
and parking a small distance away, or walk from concourse to concourse in an
airport. and STEPS… are truly thee enemy.

I know folks have said i need to loose weight and i’ll feel better, like I said its passed down from my previous
generation, because after close to 70lbs weight loss the pain is still almost
unbearable.  And here’s another emotionally painful point. As much as I’m a
musician/singer I am/was an equally talented athlete. And to not be able to run
up and down the court with my son is… Well the heartbreak is
At 15 he’s gifted with the Rock, but I know even at 52 I’d shake his shoes left then right
then BOOM… BOTTOMS!! Lol.

I’m praying this is the blessing I’ve been waiting for so the quality of my everyday life can greatly improve to
But if this procedure is not for me… I won’t complain, i’ll remember that theres someone out
there whose life is not as positive as mine and would love to upgrade to my problem,
I’ll remember
calvary and HIS PAIN and how this lite affection does not compare to HIS
suffering, and the truth that HIS grace is sufficient for me, (more then i need)
and HIS strength is made perfect in my weakness,
and i will worship till the

Blessings on you all


Wow! What courage. We never know what people are going through, do we? Let's ALL keep Fred in our prayers. Here's a New Year's performance from Mr. Hammond that was recorded at Spirit Of Faith Christian Center in Maryland on January 01, 2013. We just wanted to give you a peek of a recent "Fred Hammond" appearance and show how he obviously endures his pain with grace and strength. Excuse the popping balloons in the background.


01/21/2013 20:48

Wow! I had no idea he was in so much pain, you wouldn't know it when he is on stage. My prayers are with him.

Ms Bert
01/22/2013 00:07

Man Fred... I feel you brother...prayin so hard for deliverance ....

01/11/2014 01:36

To God Be The Glory For His Wonderful Blessing. Bro.Fred I'm praying for you forGreat resorts after your surgery. I always love to see you onTV and Facebook. YouTube also . I am praying for you and your family .God Bless you

01/17/2014 23:31

Praying for your divine healing Fred H.


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