19 Year Old Central Michigan University Sophomore Is Caught And Charged With The Murder Of His Parents.

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Murder cases are becoming more and more disturbing every passing day. A sophomore at Central Michigan University has finally been captured after being on the run for one day. Police arrested James Davis, Jr., shortly after midnight on Saturday along railroad tracks near the campus, ending a daylong manhunt. James Davis Jr. is being charged with two counts of first degree murder.

Some people who had encountered the 19 year old last Friday claimed that he had been acting a lil “off.” Eventually the campus police reached out to his Mom to let her know what was going on. While they waited on Davis’ Mom, the police escorted to the hospital on suspicion of drug use.

The University police officers then says that Eric’s parents picked him up from the hospital and assisted him back to his dorm room so he could pack up for Spring break. This is when the unthinkable occurred.




“Officers took Davis to the hospital, where he was treated and later released into the custody of his parents on Friday.

Hours later, Davis’ parents James Eric Davis, 48, and Diva Jeneen Davis, 47 were shot and killed.

Yeagley said Davis was captured on video Friday entering the dorm hall with a weapon that police believe to have been registered to his father, who was a police officer. The university said that police determined Davis went to the family vehicle, got the gun and returned to the residence hall with the handgun.

“The gun was registered to his father, and … we saw for sure that [Davis] came from the parking lot into our residence hall with the gun and the father was upstairs at that time,” Yeagley said.

Davis allegedly escaped from the dormitory on foot, leading to a campus lockdown and a citywide manhunt for the alleged shooter.

Davis appeared to be incoherent and suffering from hypothermia when he was arrested Saturday morning, Yeagley said. He is “in custody, under guard at a hospital,” he added.

Davis is charged with two counts of homicide-open murder and possession of a weapon to commit murder, the university said in a statement on Saturday.”

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What a nightmare! If the authorities learn that drugs were the cause of this child’s erratic behavior, then they need to find the person (s) who sold him the stash. These two victims were pillars of their community. 47  year old Diva Janeen Davis was a very successful real estate broker who was a breast cancer survivor, while hubby James Davis Sr. was a part time officer for Bellwood police department and a recruiter for the armed services. We’re told that the couple has two other children besides James Davis Jr. The family of the slain is asking for prayers to be sent up on their behalf.

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It’s so sad and unbelievable that Mrs. Davis would fight her way back from a deadly disease like cancer, only to be taken down by her own son.

Rest in peace Mr. and Mrs. Davis.

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