Don’t Be Scurred: Ohio Bridal Shop Closes After Ebola Victim Visits.

amber-joy-vinson-photos-3The second Ebola victim has caused some uneasiness at an Ohio bridal shop. Amber Vinson, who also a nurse who cared for Ebola patient Thomas Eric Duncan, traveled from Dallas to Cleveland to prepare for her upcoming wedding. Because of her visit, Coming Attractions Floral and Formal Shop of Akron has closed their doors indefinitely.

Some people are salty with Amber because she boarded a flight to Ohio with symptoms associated with Ebola. The owner of the bridal shop, Anna Younker, shared her thoughts about the entire situation, and Amber’s family released a statement to the public defending her as well. Continue reading

Something Just Aint Right: 17 Year Old NC Black Teen Is Found Hanging In A Trailer Park.


This story seems a lil odd you guys. On August 29th of this year, a 17 year old African American teen named Lacy Lennon was found hanging from a wooden swing set in Bladenboro, NC.

Investigators are saying that there were no “signs of foul play” apparent to them. And the final foundings include “death by asphyxiation due to hanging.”

The family of the deceased team are not accepting this conclusion, because they are convinced that their Lenny would NEVER end his life.They wanna know what happened in the hours leading up to the teen’s death, and was a “white woman” the cause of his demise. Continue reading

Why Y’all Fightin’? Beloved GHS Teacher May Lose Job After Girl Fight.

ghsWelp! Goldsboro High School has made headlines for all the wrong reasons. One of our revered teachers is under scrutiny after a video was released to the public a few days ago.

The recording shows 2 female students fighting on September 4th in the middle of the classroom. Substitute teacher Janet Barnes decided to take matters in her own hands by trying to separate the girls with a yard stick. The powers that be are saying that the yard stick connected with one of the children.

Check out the video for yourself. Does it look like Mrs. Barnes actually hit someone? Continue reading

Dallas Nurse, Nina Pham, Confirmed To Be The 1st Person To Contact The Ebola Virus In The U.S.

nina-phamWelp! The worst has been confirmed. A Texas nurse has been named as the first person to contract the ebola virus in our country.

26 year old Nina Pham was in direct contact with Liberian native Thomas Eric Duncan while caring for him in his last days. Staff working closely with Pham says that she had taken all of the necessary precautions to protect herself, but unfortunately this did not keep Miss Pham safe from the virus.

Nina seems to be in good spirits, but she’s still worried about Bentley. Bentley is her beloved dog who was “this close” from being euthanized because of the threat of Ebola.

Awwwww. Poor Bentley!

USA Today reported.

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Is Tamar Becoming A Mean Girl? Check Out What She Tweets About Sis Traci!

traci-tamar-braxtonThe Braxton Family Values reality show has been a huge success for WeTv because of the limitless love and support shown among the sisters. However, the tight bond between the girls seems to be unraveling. The more successful they are, the less respectful they seem toward each other.

The ladies spend a lot of time on social media interacting with the fans. Traci Braxton, one of the older siblings, has released a long-awaited cd entitled “Crash And Burn.” Tray Tray’s fans have been loving on her by congratulating the singer and giving encouragement. One of the twitter followers tweeted:

“your going to get a Grammy Traci I can see it already.”

All FOUR of Traci’s sisters should have retweeted, right?

Unfortunately baby sis Tamar was feeling some type of way about this message. Check out the HUGE palm tree she posted immediately following this tweet.

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In Stupid NFL Baller News: Cowboys’ Joseph Randle Is Arrested For Copping Some Drawers & Cologne.

joe rThere always seem to be an unbelievable story in the news about NFL players. Today is no exception.

Dallas Cowboys backup running back Joseph Randle has been charged with doing the unthinkable.

This fool was arrested for trying to steal some underwear and some cologne. Check out the deets here from our guys over at TMZ Sports.

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Performances By 116 Clique, Erica Campbell, & Mandisa Shut Down Dove Awards

116The 45th annual Dove Awards aired Sunday night on GMA. The hosts of the evening, MercyMe’s Bart Millard and the oh-so-fine Lecrae, were entertaining (for the most part). However, the highlights of the evening were the phenomenal performances from Mandisa, 116 Clique, and Erica Campbell.

Now its no secret that Mandisa and Erica Campbell are powerhouses on stage, but who knew that the Gospel Industry has so many talented rappers??

The 116 Clique, who’s made up of rappers Lecrae, Tedashii, Andy Mineo, Trip Lee, and KB, rocked the house like they were at Coachella. No shade toward all of the secular rappers, but the Christian hip hop artists are spitting y’all under the table right now. Just sayin’.

We can show you better than we can tell you. But before we watch their high-energy and high praise “Mash-Up” performance, let’s check out Mandisa’s “Overcomer” and Erica Campbell’s (with Lecrae) “Help.”

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