BOMBSHELL UPDATE: Brownstone Singer Charmayne Maxwell DID NOT Fall At A Soccer Game….But At Home??

resizeThis story gets stranger by the minute. Over the weekend, we reported that R&B singing group Brownstone had lost a member. 46 year old Charmayne Maxwell had died after a severe fall at a soccer game in Denmark where she resides with her hubby producer Carsten Soulshock and their son.

This morning, TMZ posted more conclusive details about the incident that caused the death of the beautiful singer. Apparently Charmayne was no where NEAR a coliseum when she had taken the deadly plunge. According to investigators…..she was home……holding a wine glass……..on the patio. Mmmmmm. Here’s more deets from our folks over at TMZ.

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Mo’Nique Says She’s Been Blackballed In Hollywood And Claims SHE Was Offered The Role Of Cookie (Empire) First.

moniqueOne of the biggest stories circulating in the world entertainment is the Monique and Lee Daniels feud. Of course,  FOX’s musical series “Empire” is continuing to break records and crush the competition every week it airs. And when a show is that successful, there’s always some outside “drama” included.

Actress Monique has been making waves about her career and how she has been “black balled” after winning the Oscar for “Precious.”

She even says that the role of Empire’s Cookie was promised to her by (ex friend) and director Lee Daniels. She also threw shade at her former buddy when she announced how much she was paid to play the part of Precious’ mother. Wow.

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Ti & Jeezy’s Charlotte Concert Is Interrupted By 2 Gun Shots.

Screen Shot 2015-03-01 at 10.56.26 AM_zpsu956zlqgThe CIAA events have gone on without a hitch….well so we thought. Last night during a TI, Jeezy, and Yo Gotti concert, gun shots were fired. Authorities are investigation and reviewing the tape from the event last night.

The camera footage is not very clear because of the amount of people all piled up in the club. When the gun shots ring, the folks instantly duck down to the ground….some even tried to run for to the exit.

This is the latest  we have brought to you by our friends over at YBF.

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One Member Of 90’s R&B Group Brownstone Dies After Freak Accident.

maxee_1767320More devastating news in the world of entertainment.  A member of the 1990’s singing group Brownestone is dead from an apparent fall. Charmayne “Maxee” Maxwell, who was attending a soccer game, lost her footing and fell to her death.

Many witnesses observed the scene, and all described it as an “accident.” TMZ has the latest.

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America’s Next Top Model Contestant Mirjana Puhar & 2 Others Are Shot And Killed In Charlotte.

ANTM-Mirjana-Puhar-KilledWe have sad news to report that’s actually close to home. 19 year old Mirjana Puhar,  a contestant on last season’s America’s Next Top Model, was brutally killed at her home in Charlotte, NC.

She, her 23 year old boyfriend, and their roommate were all gunned down by a 19 year old who obviously had issues with the trio. Sources are saying that the assassinations were a result of a drug deal gone bad.

TMZ talks more about the slaying and the arrest of the suspect.

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Family, Friends, And Fans Prepare For NBA Baller Jerome Kersey’s Celebration Of Life.

ab83c3c48983f6df0da5f6f4d22b2957 (1)If y’all are a big fan of professional basketball,  then no doubt you remember Portland Trail Blazers’ all star Jerome Kersey. Kersey was popular in the 90’s when he played side by side with Clyde Drexler.

Unfortunately, Jerome passed away a lil over a week ago at the tender age of 52. Family tells us that Kersey had recently had knee surgery,  which created a blood clot which lead to his untimely death.

The people closest to Kersey want to remember his life with all of his fans, so they decided to organize a memorial service at the Veteron’s Memorial Coliseum in Portland on March 2nd. Here’s more from Continue reading

New Gospel Ensemble Five Men Debuts Single “Champion.”

fivemenSo we told you all that singers Melvin Williams , Doug Williams,  Wess Morgan, Christopher Williams, and Shawn McLemore joined forces to produce an inspirational song called “Champion.” The melody is finally being played on radio stations all across the nation. The words are beautiful and encouraging, but it’s a bit bland.

But y’all don’t have to accept our opinion because we have the finished track right here. Here’s some behind the scene footage of  “Champion” and a snippet of the song.

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Zendaya Coleman Reads E News’ Giluina Rancic After Talkin’ Trash About Hair.

zendaya-giulianaThere are so many things that people say about us as a race everyday. Sometimes it’s subtle and sometimes it’s blatant.  Last night, we witnessed bold racism from the hosts of E News Fashion Police.

The Academy Awards were televised Sunday night. And of course, the celebrities were all dressed to impressed as they showed off their attire on the red carpet. Former Disney star Zendaya Coleman rocked a beautiful ivy satin dress and adorned a head full of braids. We all thought she was gorgeous, but Guiliana made her opinions known about the entire look. Let’s just say that the comments were off-colored and borderline racist.

Y’all can be the judge though.

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Actress Lauren London Finally Reveals She & Lil Wayne’s Son Via Instagram.

Heres-What-Lauren-London-and-Lil-Waynes-Son-Looks-Like-featIt’s been five years since actress Lauren London gave birth to rapper Lil Wayne’s son. Since then, no one has ever seen the lil fella’s face. Yesterday that all changed because Papa Wayne posted a photo of the two on social media.

Y’all wanna know which parents he resembles? One way to find out! Scroll down for the adorable father/son pic.

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Taraji “Cookie” Henson Is Added To The Light’s Women’s Empowerment Line Up.

taraji-henson-768It’s that time once again. The Light 103.9 is slowly revealing the famous names that will be included in this year’s Women’s Empowerment. Bishop T.D. Jakes was the first guest to be announced. Now we have just learned that another powerful speaker will be speaking to us in April.

Wait for it…..wait for it…….

Miss Taraji P. (Cookie) Henson is coming to the PNC Arena on Saturday April to give us women a little encouragement to make it through 2015. The actress is flying high from the success of FOX’s drama series “Empire.” We’re amazed that the Light was able to book the diva in such short notice. And you guys can best believe, she has a testimony for all us.

Here’s more from Praise Charlotte.

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