Pastor John P Kee’s 2014 VIP Conference Starts Tonight!

jpk3Its not too late to join the biggest gospel workshop of the year.

Charlotte, NC’s favorite son, Pastor John P. Kee, will begin his legendary VIP Conference tonight at New Life Fellowship Church.

The line-up is packed with gospel greats full of talent and wisdom.

Check out the artists who will be sharing their knowledge and talents with Pastor tonight into next week.

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Much Better! Wendy Williams Re-Cast & Take Over Aaliyah Biopic.

aaliyah19f-1-webThe Lifetime Aaliyah project is a go once again. Last month, actress Zendaya Coleman bailed out of the movie because of Aaliyah’s family. The Houghtons are totally against the film, and wants it stopped. Coleman claimed she could not be apart of the movie because of it.

So now, there’s a new sheriff in town. Talk show host Wendy Williams and her production team has taken over and are placing more of a spin on the biopic.

The most important task was recasting the lead role. And we must say, this is a brilliant choice. Check out some excerpts from The Wendy Williams Show via

Everyone meet Alexandra Shipp!

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16 Year Old Opens World’s First Sneaker Pawn Shop.

sneaker 3The teenagers nowadays are born with an entrepreneurial spirit it seems. Chase Reed is no exception.

The Harlem bred 16 year old is the owner of a new store that houses the hottest commodity among young people today. Ladies and gentlemen…..take a look at the first ever, high fashioned sneaker pawn shop!

This is how the idea started via our friends at The New York Post.

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Yo Atl! Have Y’all Seen This NC Girl?

selfieThese selfies are getting us in a world of trouble.

The Atlanta Police Dept. is looking for members of an organized link that snuffed $175,000 out of his bank account.

The authorities think they have pointed out the person who opened up a fake corporate account at a JP Morgan Chase bank to receive the mulah from a victim by the name of Terence Fowler. Apparently, the money was taken without his knowledge.

Check this out.

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Goldsboro Daily News Article Raises Allegations Of Harsh Treatment At Cherry Hospital.

cherry-hospitalOn Thursday July 18th, a disturbing article surfaced on the Goldsboro Daily News.

A “concerned Goldsboro resident” and former employee of a mental institution in Goldsboro called Cherry Hospital, has made a few disturbing allegations against the facility.

What the anonymous caller shares with the Goldsboro Daily News next is nothing beyond shocking.

Check out some of the chilling excerpts from right here.

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Staten Island Man Dies After Being Placed In Choke Hold By The Po Po!

ericgarnerchokedWell you guys. There’s another shocking video of policemen doing bodily harm to citizens. The latest victim is Staten Island resident Eric Garner.

The father of six was questioned by authorities after he had broken up a fight between some locals in the neighborhood. The law then started accusing him of selling un-taxed cigarettes in front of a place of business.

What happens next is highly disturbing, and is all caught on tape….thanks to Ramsey Orta.

The footage y’all are about to witness is rather graphic. Viewer discretion is advised.

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Malaysian Airline Passenger Jokes About Plane Minutes Before Take-Off.


Photo Courtesy of Cor Pan’s Facebook page.

The Malaysian Airlines has not had a great 2014 thus far. On March 8th, one of the air crafts disappeared without a trace. And now, another tragedy has hit home.

A Boeing 777 traveling from Amsterdam to Kuala-Lampur was hit by a Ukraine missile over 33,000 ft. in the air. All 295 passengers on board were killed.

There was one young man on the plane who’s last Facebook post is giving everybody the creeps. Here’s the warning Cor Pan shared with the world right before take off.

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NBA Player Reggie Bullock’s Transgender Brother Murdered.

mia+hendersonA transgender woman murdered Wednesday has been identified as 26 year old Mia Henderson. Henderson is the sibling of LA Clippers shooting guard Reggie Bullock. Reggie is also a native of Kinston NC.

But let’s get back to Mia. Detectives aren’t sure what happened in the final hours of life. They aren’t even releasing the cause of death.

Here’s all we have at the moment.

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