Thanks For The Memories: WTVD 11’s Larry Stogner Retires After Being Diagnosed With ALS.

nFr3s.AuSt.156Oh no. More bad news to report. This time, it’s right around the corner from us. WTVD beloved anchorman, Larry Stogner, will be exiting from the evening news after 39 years of service.

Although the absence of Larry every will be devastating, it’s not the worst news he delivered. The long-time news reporter broke the news in a staff meeting and then later on air about his recent health diagnosis. Continue reading

TLC Rakes In Thousands Through Kickstarter Campaign.

tboz-chilliTimes are rough for us all. There’s no exception with celebrities either. Popular 90’s girl group TLC are desperately trying to get back in the recording studio. The effort doesn’t come cheap though. So! T-Boz and Rozonda “Chilli” Thomas have started a campaign on Kickstart that will allow anyone to donate to the cause. And the monetery gifts keep right-on-a-coming.

Let’s check in with our friends over at Page Six to learn where the project stands now. Continue reading

“Who Is My Hollyweird Dad?” Can you Guess??

bbg-thumbnailWe’ve been waiting for months to see this child in the face. And now, we finally are blessed with a thing of beauty. This lil angel has her actor father wrapped around her Dad’s finger already.

She favors her Dad alot. And more than likely, she will be tall dark and beautiful like him.

Any guesses on who this Princess calls Da-da? Continue reading

Major Harris Makin’ Major Moves! TI & Tiny’s Baby Featured On The Cover Of NVision Magazine.

major1The baby in the Harris family is stepping out and making money. TI and Tiny are all smiles because lil Major landed a major magazine cover.

Nvision is a new entertainment magazine that covers all genres of viewers. We aren’t sure how Major was chosen to appear on the cover, but he sure is an adorable piece chillin’ on there.

Tiny couldn’t help but brag a lil on her Instagram.

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Reality Star Porsha Williams Shows Off Natural Locks & Promotes New Weave Line.

Screen-Shot-2014-02-27-at-10.38.10-AMReal Housewives Of Atlanta star Porsha Williams is proud of her new business venture. The co-host of Dish Nation has been telling everyone who would listen that her new hair product line, Go Naked Hair”, is the best on the market.

Williams not only uses her own hair products, but she also offers top of the line weave. And although sista-girl LOVES her weave, she wanted to show a photo of her natural hair. She displays her new sew-in shortly after. In case you all didn’t know, she uses her own products.

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Kevin Costner And Octavia Spencer Star In “Black And White.” Watch Trailer Here!

black-or-white-headerAcademy award-winning actors Kevin Costner and Olivia Spencer are starring in a brand new film called “Black And White.” Its a movie that Costner has financed from the beginning because he believes in the subject matter.

A white grandfather and a black grandmother are in a custody over their granddaughter who’s biracial. Costner’s daughter is deceased, and the little girl is the only other person who he cares about in this world.

Octavia Spencer’s character is the mother of the little girl’s father. She wants full custody of her grandchild. But of course, Kevin ain’t having it.

Check out the Deadline synopsis:

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Amber Rose and Wiz Khalifa’s Son Lookin’ More And More Like Limo Driver.

vovfivOh what a tangled web we weave! You guys remember rapper Wiz Khalifa’s surprise split from wife Amber Rose last year? Word on the street was that Amber caught Wiz in bed with a couple of groupies. This never really made any sense to us, because she should have been the one to file for divorce. Right?

Well now, the tea is spilling about Wiz and Amber’s son Sebastian. People are noticing that the toddler is starting to favor Amber’s driver…….A LOT!

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A Thousand Ways To Die! Pennsylvania Student Chokes On Gum While Sleeping.

150120-shanice-clark-basketball-740p_014f585216addc5fc97bdf1b4e9e4a63This is one of the most depressing stories we’ve heard in a while.  Shanice Clark, a gifted scholar and athlete out of California University of Pennsylvania, was found dead in her dorm room a week ago by a friend.

Apparently a friend came to Shanice’s room to visit the basketball star at around 3:00 in the morning, when she noticed the victim was non responsive.  Paramedics were  called to the scene immediately.

Pennsylvania Observer Reporter has more.

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Fitness Expert Greg Plitt Killed While Tryin’ To Show Effectiveness Of An Energy Drink.

greg-plittSources are finally revealing the reason behind the railroad track death of Greg Plitt, but the reports are conflicting. The Fitness expert was “allegedly filming a commercial about an energy drink sponsored.

Its also circulating that Plitt was taping an exercise segment for a new DVD. However, now neither sides want to confirm that it was a legit filming that was aproved by the company.

TMZ has the latest Continue reading

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