Rapper Trina Set To Hit The Stage Tonight At Club Rumba.

richkid-bHow many Trina fans do we have out there? Well if you raised your hand, then you’re not gonna want to miss this turnt up event! The Diamond Princess, along with rapper Rich the Kid, are heading to Club Rumba in Hickory, NC to party with US.

Tickets are still  available, but their moving fast. Here’s more from Da Baddest B—-!

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Koinonia Christian Center’s Worship And Wisdom Conference Will Feature Gospel’s Elite!

worship-wisdom-conference-74Are you looking for a high time in the Lord? Maybe you all need to be refreshed and renewed spiritually or mentally. Well Greenville’s Koinonia Christian Center is hosting their annual Worship and Wisdom Conference for 2 nights only next month at The Williams Arena at the Minges Coliseum.

Bishop TD Jakes, Tasha Cobbs, and a couple more Gospel powerhouses are slaying the stage together in a 2-night epic event. Here’s more info brought to you by the beautiful Bishop Rosie O’neal. Continue reading

New Couple Alert? Two “Empire” Stars Are Hookin’ Up!

EmpireSo TMZ is reporting a lil gossip about our beloved “Empire. ” Allegedly there were some sparks flying off and on the screen this season between a couple of the stars.

We’ll help you guys out and reveal one half of the twosome. Boo Boo Kitty is one of the lovebirds. Keep reading to learn who’s courting Miss Anika.

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Chicago Mail Carrier Killed After Posting An Ill-fated Facebook Mesaage Weeks Earlier.

7239662_GThe city of Chicago needs prayer immediately. The gun violence is getting out of hand, and innocent lives are being lost everyday. This week is no different. 27 year old Anthony Hayes, a mail carrier for Chi town, was gunned down in his car early this morning. The devoted postal worker was all set for another full day of mail handling before his life was tragically taken away from him. Family and friends are baffled as to why anyone would want to hurt this darling of the city, because he wouldn’t have hurt a fly according to them. His untimely death is truly disturbing, but one of his last Facebook posts was even creepier. Here’s Fox 32.

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Detroit Mother Arrested After Deceased (And Frozen) Kids Are Found In Freezer.

freezer26n-1-webThis is a case that questions the sanity of folks these days. Detroit police officers arrived at a woman’s home to serve her with eviction papers and to make sure that the house was vacated. As the home was being cleared, a horrific scene started to take shape. The bodies of two children were found in a freezer deceased AND frozen. This is the explanation Mom handed the authorities….courtesy of K 97.5 Hip Hop News.

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Drunk Mother Of TWO Hit DOT Worker Along Wayne County Highway.

TAHISA-DUKETTE-MUG-FOR-WEB-jpgThis story is so disturbing,  and unfortunately it’s close to home. DOT workers were mowed over yesterday morning by a drunk driving Mama. Two workers were injured, and one was killed. The crash happened around 11 a.m. on highway near Princeton. The lady was speeding and teetering off the road. Eventhough there were mega signs on the road that read WORK ZONE, the driver didn’t decrease her momentum. This lead to a fatal crash and endangerment of the 2 kids who were in the back seat.

WRAL has the latest in this horrific accident.

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Durham County “Sleepwalking” Verdict Is In…..NOT GUILTY!

1425941457-arielle6pm-640x360Have you guys been keeping up with this case? Durham, NC has been in the national news for a while because of this sleepwalking murderer. Joseph Mitchell was arrested for the murder of his 4 year old son back in 2010, and for the attempted murder of his other 2 kids. This all happened in the same space of time. Why? The distraught father says he was still asleep during these horrific actions, and has no recollection of it.

We’ll 5 years later, the jury has agreed on a verdict. In the case of Joseph Mitchell versus the state of North Carolina,  we find the defendant NOT GUILTY.

This was a shock to the system. And if you think we’re shocked, take a look at this bailiff.

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Gospel Singer Donnie McClurkin Loses Another Sister To Illness.

cheryl-cheri-mcclurkin (1)Pastor Donnie McClurkin has suffered another loss in the family. Within the past couple of years, he’s lost both parents and one sister to cancer. Within that time, he was diagnosed with cancerous cells in his vocal chords. On top of that, his 94 year old grandmother suffered a severe stroke. And now, satan has thrown another curve ball toward the singer.

One of Donnie’s sisters, gospel artist Andrea McClurkin-Mellinni, announced on Facebook that her older sister Cheryl “Cheri” McClurkin had passed away from complications of a coronary heart attack yesterday evening.

Here’s more from the Christian Post.

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Beloved Tarboro Barber & A Married Couple Are Gunned Down Within Minutes Of Each Other.

tarboro-shooting-victims-03The city of Tarboro is mourning the deaths of three of their own. Barbershop owner George Dickens was gunned down on Saturday evening when a shooter entered onto the premises fatally injuring him.

The shooter, who’s been identified as Ian Sherrod, then proceeded to travel to a nearby trailer court to kill a Hispanic couple. The female died on the scene, but the male died later on Sunday morning.

Investigators are not sure of the relationship between the Sherrod and Dickens, but the suspect did live by the slained couple. When the Tarboro police  arrived on the scene, Sherrod attempted to kill them as well. Of course, the po po shoot to kill, so they promptly took the gunman out. Here’s a lil more of what we have learned brought to you by our friends over at WCTI.

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We Made CNN Y’all! An Armored Truck Transfering Millions In Gold Was Highjacked In Wilson County.

5af739f58e15db546aae543a3ce4c5aaHave you all heard about the armored truck carrying the millions in gold and silver being robbed on the side of the road? Well according to investigators,  a truck filled with $4.2 million in gold and silver started to suffer mechanical failure (according to the employees inside of the vehicle). They decided to pull off to the side of the highway to check out the problem. What happens next is predictable……a bit TOO predictable. You guessed it. The workers were approached by 3 gunmen.  CNN has the rest of this story.

But first,  check out the play-by-play here.

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