“Just Got Paid” Singer Johnny Kemp Is Dead After A Fall.

6th Annual BMI Urban Awards At Roseland Ballroom - Show & Backstage80’s breakout singer Johnny Kemp has “reportedly” died yesterday from an apparent fall. There are multiple rumors surrounding the 55 year old “Just Got Paid” singer’s death. Some sources are saying that Kemp fell on the boat of the annual Tom Joyner Voyage Cruise. Others are saying that Johnny never made it on the cruise, and passed away elsewhere.

We posted the latest information coming from Black America Web. B.A.W. is owned and operated by Mr. Tom Joyner himself.

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Pitt County Coroner Rules Local Teen’s Death A Suicide.

041615suicide_0Pitt County’s medical examiner has ruled the death of 17 year old Marquis Bunting as suicide. The gunshot wound to the head was self afflicted. Strangely enough, the high school football player was not at his home when he decided to kill himself. Investigators are saying that Bunting was at 4893 NC 33 East. This was not the address of his home.

There are many questions to be answered, like was Marquis alone when he took his last breath? Sources say there was a 18 year old and an adolescent with the victim at the time, but no facts have been confirmed. What about Marquis’ state of mind? Was he depressed for over a long period of time? How did Marquis gain possession of a gun?

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Here Comes Audrey 2! Farmville’s Paramount Theater Proudly Presents “Little Shop Of Horrors.”

little_shop_of_horrors_logoAre there any “Little Shop Of Horrors” fans out there? Well the Farmville Community Arts Council is all set to present their version of this classic production. The theme of the story is centered around Seymour Krelbourne, a meek and mild-mannered floral store assistant who buys an unidentified plant from an old Chinese man. Unfortunately, the plant is a carnivore and only grows after drinking blood. This story has made it to Broadway and the big screen, but never to Farmville…..until now.

Director Dani Keil and a gang of other talented people will be presenting “Little Shop Of Horrors” at Farmville Paramount Theater on April 30 through May 3rd. This event is near and dear to our hearts because yours truly (along with our sisters) are portraying the Urchin girls in the play. Its a great deal of work, but a whole HEAP of fun. Scroll down for ticket info!

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13 Year Old Lenoir Girl And 20 Year Old Boyfriend Are Charged In The Murder Of A Single Mother.

wyche--roderick-web-jpgWe’re hoping that this isn’t the start of a deadly Summer here in Eastern North Carolina.  33 year old Wanda Dethlefson was found stabbed to death in her bed in the wee hours of Sunday morning. Authorities are saying that the victim’s 13 year old daughter is responsible in the killing of her mother.

She and her boyfriend, 20 year old Roderick Wyche, have both been charged with brutally murdering the teenger’s mother. Apparently Mom wanted to end what she thought was an inappropriate relationship between Wyche and her vulnerable 13 year old.

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Solonge Knowles’ Friend & Business Partner Is Stabbed 10 Times In Domestic Dispute.

Olympia Le Tan : Front Row - Paris Fashion Week Womenswear Fall/Winter 2015/2016If it wasn’t for bad news, we wouldn’t have anything to report to you all. Newlywed Solonge Knowles caught the first flight to New Orleans Wednesday to be by her friend/business partner’s side. 24 year old Armina Mussa was stabbed a total of 10 times by a friend of her girlfriend/bae/roommate’s. According to Arronesia, Mussa’s roommate was no longer in an intimate relationship with her friend.

Sources say that the altercation happened outside of Mussa’s house in the yard. The suspect, 26 year old Arronesia Christophe, claims that she assaulted Mussa in order to defend herself. Investigators believe that it was a love triangle gone horribly wrong.

This is what NOLA is reporting.

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He Wants Somethin’ New On The Menu: Chef Bobby Flay Files For Divorce From Wife Of 10 Years.

344808-bobby-flay-stephanie-marchWe’ve been reporting all sorts of break ups in Tinsel Town lately.  This story ain’t any different.  Food Network star Bobby Flay has left his wife of 10 years, actress Stephanie March. Sources say that the “Law And Order” star was blindsided by  the petition, and is literally hurt. She’s disappointed with the demise of her marriage AND the money she is entitled to receive after the separation.

You see, there was an airtight prenup that was signed by the Mrs. Apparently isn’t satisfied with her pension because her hubby has made a heap of change while they were together. She wants her share of the profit.

This is what our good friends over at TMZ are saying about this tangled web of spousal support.

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No Answers After South Carolina Police Officer’s Dash Cam Is Released.

ht_walter_lamer_scott_01_jc_150407_4x3_992 (1)Well folks! The dashboard cam of a South Carolina police officer who brutally killed an unarmed black man after a traffic stop has been released to the public. After reviewing the tape, it seems like officer Mike Slager did everything by the book. He claim to have stopped the motorist, Walter Scott, because of broken tail light. A passenger was seen in the recording too. Mr. Scott had no insurance on the vehicle and he had no drivers license on him either.  When Slater walked away from the car to check the license plates, Walter attempted to exit his vehicle.  The officer ordered him to get back in the car, which he complied. A couple of minutes pass before Walter Scott opens the car door again. This time he makes a run for it, leaving his passenger sitting in the vehicle.  After Slager and Scott take off running,  they are no longer visible to the cam corder. There is a little bit of audio heard that seems to confirm that the accused murderer tells the victim to “put your hands up” and “stop…on the ground now!”

Y’all watch the video here!

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Maryland Family Of 8 Succumb To Carbon Monoxide While Trying To Keep Warm.

10922798_1403857549914923_1710576717947142373_nThis story is touching the very core of everyone’s soul across the nation. A single father of 8 only wanted to take care of his children, and give them everything they needed. Unfortunately his last parental act resulted in the death of himself and seven of his kids.

36 year old Princess Anne, Maryland native Rodney Todd and his seven children were all found dead in their beds early Tuesday morning. The cause of death appeared to be carbon monoxide poisoning, due to  a used generator Todd brought into the house to keep his family warm.

Here’s more from CBS affiliate The Baltimore Sun.

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